Rubbish Heap (Bel) demo (1995)



‘Rubbish Heap’, a HC/crossover (“negative metal/crust influenced hardcore“) band from Ekeren (Antwerp), started out with Kim Vandyck (vocals; later guitarist of ‘King Terror’), Dave Vanderplas (drums), Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Royers (guitar) & Tijs Geerts (bass). After this rehearsal-tape they did another demo when their second guitarist – named ‘Peche’ – had joined (Slow Defeat; the songs also appeared on the split-tape with the Greek band ‘Hibernation’). Their friend Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) released their Path Of Lies 7” (“mix of ‘Rorschach’ & ‘Downcast’…”) which was recorded August ’96 (and their other stuff later).

Vinnie & Dave also did the Dying World newsletter and helped setting up concerts @ SORM (youthcentre in Deurne, Antwerp). They helped out Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) with the label, distribution and touring; later Tijs joined ‘Bad Influence’ to play bass.

Interview with ‘Rubbish Heap’ (Ultra Eczema #1)

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