Identity (Swe) promo (1990)


Tracks: #1-#5 & #6

David Andersson (vocals), ‘Pata’ Patric Lind (bass), ‘Jögga’ Jörgen Sjöström (guitar), ‘Sveden’ Peter Swedenhammar (guitar; also drums for ‘Raped Teenagers‘) and ‘Löken’ Mike/Mikael Karlsson (drums; also guitar for ‘16 B.U.H.‘ & bass for ‘Rövsvett’) played for this melodic HC band (from the Linköping area).

This promo-tape (entitled Sure Thing Dude) was sent to me because the guys wanted to tour. Can’t remember why they didn’t end up here… Perhaps we (Smurfpunx) didn’t have acces to a venue to do shows in July? (They did record tracks for a 7″ on B-Core Disc in Barcelona.) Some of the songs were already on their demo and some were gonna be on the 7″ that ‘Active Minds’ brothers Bobs & Set were gonna release on their label Loony Tunes recs.


David our singer David did that tape with Peter; the 2 first songs are from our 1st 7”, 3-4 are from compilation-LP Really Fast vol 5 [on the Swedish label Really Fast recs; 1990]. We recorded before the Spain tour (the 2 last were done on a portable system – maybe we have more songs from that session; nice to hear anyway) but we did a new recording in Barcelona that we used for our 2nd 7”.


My review in Tilt! #6 goes as follows : >>This sounds like a fresh breeze on a hot summer day. The melodies are able to raise the enthousiasm of even the most depressive person, I think. They have the power to make you dance and sing along even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t know why but they make me think of ‘Verbal Assault’ by times. Fucking brilliant stuff. Personal lyrics.<<


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