Não Conformismo (Bra) Famintos Por Liberdade; tape ‎(1994)



Descamisados (Shirtless) / Cotidiano (Daily) / Religião Alienação S.A. (Religion Alienation) / Não Se Entregue (Do Not Deliver) / Pare, Pense E Mova-se (Stop, Think And Move On) / Maus Tempos (Bad Times) / Filler (‘Minor Threat’ cover) / Em Extinção? (On Extinction?) / Soldado Raso (Plain Soldier)

‘Não Conformismo’ (Non-conformity) was a Brazilian hardcore band from Macaé (state of Rio de Janeiro) with (Carlos) Fred(erico Bastos) (vocals), Marlon Pacheco (guitar), Felipe Passos (bass), Evandro Castro (drums; went on to play for ‘Anti-Parasitas’ and was replaced by Sidarta) & Alex Costa (guitar). They existed from 1993 to 2015. I described their music (Tilt! #8) as uptempo 80s-style hardcore-punk. The later stuff was more “midpaced hardcore with a metal touch”. There was a vinyl version (7″) released of this tape (the title can be translated as Hungry For Freedom) minus 2 tracks in 2009. Nowadays Fred runs the label/distro Atitude Consciente recs.


The band formed in 1993 and after the recordings of this tape we broke up. Around 2008 an obscure label called Old School, Nice Lessons re-issued the original without the ‘Minor Threat’ cover and the last song. After that, the band returned with Sidarta on drums and we released a full-length (entitled Basta!) in 2011 and a 7″ Autoflagelo Da Humanidade (Self-Hating Mankind) in 2014. In 2015 the band quit. The lyrics talked about the usual third-world political problems, anti-militarism, religion and day-by-day issues.

I’m indeed still active with my label and distro but not in a band anymore. The other guys are still playing but not in hardcore bands, more like metal/grind stuff. Evandro, our original drummer, is in an old-school band called ‘Anti-Parasitas’ (strongly influenced by ‘Riistetyt’, ‘Terveet Kädet’, ‘Rövsvett’ and Scandinavian bands).


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