Vortex (Bel) tape (1985)


side A: Boudha! / Anti-Tout (Against Everything) / It’s What They Say / Fucking Life Of Pain / Get Up Punk / No Fun / Merci (Thank You) / Allez Louya (Go Louya) / Football Afternoon / Attaque (Attack)  / Enfants Du Chaos (Children Of The Chaos)

side B: Enfants Du Chaos (afterpart) / Jack The Ripper / Buvez Le (Drink It) / Repression / It’s What They Say (*) / Enfants Du Chaos (*) / Jack The Ripper (*) / Boudha ! (*) / Fucking Life Of Pain (*) / Merci (*) / Allez Louya (*) / Get Up Punk (*) / Anti-Tout (*)

From the ‘Mokka’ (Geert Mokwinki’s) collection…

The first real release by these French-speaking Belgians (from Charleroi). But there was already a tape circulating of a show in Antwerp (@ Paradox; 84-11-02). Soon after this tape here they recorded for the split-LP with ‘Vortex’ and the compilation-LP (Alle 24 Goed!) that came out on Punk Etc. It was distributed by M-Extäz International Produkts (Jean(not) Chaperon of the Parisian zine M-Extäz, drummer of ‘Razzle Dazzle’ & ‘M.S.T.’). The last 9 tracks (*) on the B-side were recorded live (most probably another gig then the one mentioned above). The band also appeared on a few compilation-tapes around that time (e.g. Punk Etc.’s Allez Crachez & >>Maja De Brij<<)

In 1985 they also played a show for Smurfpunx (85-12-21). J.R. or (J.Roy) played bass [Antonio Marella mentioned somewhere on the www he played bass for them in ’79], ‘Fax’ Vincent Delcorde (R.I.P.) hit the drums, Marco Hinic strummed the guitar and Thierry ‘Steve’ sang. Their music can described as a mix of street-punk and hardcore.

‘Vortex’ @ Paradox, Antwerp (84-11-02); pic by Sascha Van Tilburg

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