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Disturbing Foresights (Hol) promo (1993)


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‘Disturbing Foresights’ (from Zoetermeer, between Rotterdam & The Hague) was a bunch of guys that were visiting some of our Smurfpunx concerts and/or organising gigs at the their local youth-centre Mevr. Latenstaan (where I sometimes booked bands). They played innovative HC with some metal/rap influences. (I invited them over to play at the Vort’n Vis, 91-12-31.) The band consisted of Cor Hoogerdijk (drums & vocals; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’), Chiel/Michiel Schouten (guitar; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’; later replaced by Sebastiaan ‘Bas’ de Neef and then Arjan van der Schee, ex ‘Brutal Obcenity’), Koen ‘Coenraedt’ Bakker (bass), Iwan P. Vol & Ron Osephius (vocals).

This tape contained 4 tracks (recorded in ’93) intended as a promo for their De-Grunged CD (that was released many years later). The same songs were sold as a demo entitled Walking Violations Of The Laws Of Nature. My review in Tilt! #8: >>Technically high-standing music: these men master quite some styles and mix them into their own brand of HC: thrash, jazzy bits, rap, metal, melody, etc. But no time to stay with your mouth open in astonishment; it’s also moving music. Check ‘m out!<<

They already had 5 tracks on the Tegenwind compilation-LP (out on WRF recs) in 1990, did a split-7″ with ‘Antic Hay’ – the socalled Couch Potatoes (zine) EP – for the same label (’91), the 7″ 1992. They also featured on a Destroy Fascism compilation-tape recorded at Arnhem’s Goudvishal and on the other WRF compilation-LP Welcome To Our Scene. Their last 7″ Come On Baby was recorded at De Blauwe Aanslag squat in The Hague in 1995.


Koyaanisqatsi (Bel) rehearsal (1985)



Intro / Koyaanisqatsi / Wounded knee / War / Final touch / White Power, White Disease / Lost Youth / I Hate The World Death Strike Now / Dop (Dole) Always The Same – Airplanes / Stomme Wedloop (Stupid Race) / Reggae Song / Day Of Doomed / Satanist

This was the second punk-band (the first being ‘Nightshift’) my mate Dirk Ceustermans was in (he played bass here). Later he would form ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’… Things started when Dirk met up with Ludwig Goedhuys (guitar), Ivo Cloetens (vocals) & Bart Steens (drums) in November ’84. ‘Banshee’ joined in January ’85 to do vocals: he was also on the studio-recordings. A bit later Ivo came back. They had been in various other not-so-productive bands from the Leuven-area (such as ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’), and existed for about a year. Their very first gig was in Antwerp on 85-04-06. The only recordings they did in a studio were the tracks on the Punk Etc. compilation-LP Alle 24 Goed (Justified Violence / War / Koyaanisquatsi / I Hate The World / Stomme Wedloop). These tracks here were enregistred after the compilation (October/November 1985), so with Ivo on vocals.


Things started when I hung out with Bart Steens at concerts; we were both doing fanzines (Bart: Het Schandaal / Dirk: D.R.O.L.) and got befriended. We both thought it would be fun to do our own music as we had done a bit of music in before. Bart knew a bit of drumming and Dirk bought a 500 BeF [12,50 Euro] bass; we got introduced to 2 friends of Bart that joined in on the fun: Ludwig Goedhuys (guitar) and Ivo Cloetens (vocals). They had been in bands before; one was called ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’ [Flanders Stinks]. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ started rehearsing around end of 1984, played a first gig at De Waag [Antwerp]. More gigs in Belgium & Holland followed and hilarious times were spent while doing so. I remember Ludwig cutting the body of his Les Paul (copy) guitar into a sort of Flying V shape and doing so, he’d cut off all the electronics from the body of the guitar as well… He came to rehearse with a guitar that did no longer work at all hahaha…

Ivo got kicked out for musical differences (not really: he messed around with someones girl) and ‘Banshee’ was put on vocals. After that the band felt ‘Banshee’ was not what they wanted and Ivo returned to the band. From then the style of the songs changed, initially into a ‘Discharge’-like (or lets say ‘Capital Scum’ & ‘Subversion’ kinda’) vein 🙂 … And later on into a crossover metal-punk style. Along with ‘X-Creta’ and ‘Heibel’ we were in fact amongst the earliest Belgian crossover bands. A gig in Leuven with those 3 bands, late 1985, must have been one of the first crossover punk shows… [85-11-29 @ Q 104]

By the end of 1985 the end for the band set in when Ludwig and Bart discovered Jimi Hendrix (nothing personal against that but I wanted to continue what was starting at the time: crossover punk). So I formed ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’ who’d folded at about the same time as ‘Koyaanisqatsi’…

Dirk Ceustermans

‘Koyaanisqatsi’ @ Rio, Hamme (Bel) 85-11-08



>>Loro Decidono… Tu Paghi!<< (They Decide… You Pay!) (Ita) compilation (1984)


My friend ‘Mokka’ Geert Mokwinski tells me he got this by trading one of his Smurfpunks compilation-tapes with Chris BCT.

It was compiled by Roberto De Capitani (bassist of the Alassio-based band ‘NoiseNoiseNoise’) who did the label Edizione Storie Tese (in the beginning mostly tapes) with a couple of friends. It also came out on B.C.T. (Borderless Country Tapes ran by Chris Chacon from San Diego). BCT #25 is one of several B.C.T. tapes with Italian HC. This one features mostly live recordings (some at the famous social centre Victor Charlie in Pisa)…

side A:

‘Cani’ – Questa E’ La Tua Vita (This Is Your Life) / ‘I Refuse It!’ – Frecce Avvelenate Sul Comitato Disastri (Poisened Arrows For The Disaster Committee) / ‘Savage Circle’ – Violence Grows / ‘Vivisexzione’ – Cancro (Cancer) / ‘C.C.M.’ – No Wordz / ‘Cani’ – Di Che Parli? (What Are You Talking About?) / ‘London 77′ – London 77 / ‘Kina’ – Vietato (Forbidden) / ‘P.S.A.’ – Bandiere Nere (Black Flags) / ‘Cani’ – I Tempi Sono Cambiati (Times Have Changed) / ‘C.C.M.’ – Easy Target (Skank Version) / ‘Vivisexzione’ – Tensione (Tension) / ‘I Refuse It!’ – Sogni A Doppie Vie (Double Dreams)

side B:

‘NoiseNoiseNoise’ – Laredo Soul * Mass Murder / ‘Kina’ – Nessuno Schema (No Plan) / ‘London 77’ – Nessuna Illusione (No Illusion) / ‘Cani’ – Quando Sarai Grande (When You’ll Grow Up) / ‘Vivisexzione’ – Vita (Life) / ‘C.C.M.’ – Frustration 2 / ‘I Refuse It!’ – Chocu Umeret (I Wanna Die) / ‘Kina’ – Bagliore Accecante (Dazzling Light) / ‘London 77’ – Giornalisti (Journalists) / ‘Savage Circle’ – Falling Down / ‘Cani’ – Guai A Voi! (Trouble For You!) / ‘NoiseNoiseNoise’ – Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Sky)


Cani (Pesaro): Adamo Sanchini (bass), Mirco Uguccioni (drums), Roberto Russo (guitar), ‘Mughi’ Mauro Copes (vocals)

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (Pisa): ‘Syd Migx’ Piercecchi (vocals), Antonio Cecchi (bass), Alessandro Fantinato (drums), ‘Dome La Muerte’ Domenico Petrosino (guitar)

I Refuse It! (Florence): Sandro Favilli (bass; later ‘C.C.M.’), ‘Boz Lapinski’ Lapo Lombardi (keyboards/noises), ‘Pino’ J. Zarkosic (guitar), ‘Walter’ a.k.a. Wally Dread (drums), ‘Il Generale’ Stefano Bettini (vocals; Nuove Dal Fronte zine & Belfagor recs)

Kina (Aosta): Sergio Milani (drums/vocals), Alberto Ventrella (guitar/vocals), Giampiero Capra (bass/vocals; also ‘Contrazione’)

London 77 (Latina): Marcello Fagiani (vocals), Fabio ‘Demente’ Furlan (bass), Giulio Pazienti (guitar), Tommaso Dorati (drums). In 1984 Marcello & Fabio left, (Ferdi)Nando Ferdinandi took over (bass/vocals – he’s on the compilation)

NoiseNoiseNoise (Alassio): Roberto De Capitani (bass), Vincenzo/Enzo ‘Sid’ Bianco (drums)

P.S.A./Punk Sound Against (Sassari, Sardinia): Geppi Sanna (vocals), Danilo Sini (guitar), Gigetto Carta (bass; later replaced by Gianfranco Squintu), Luigi Palomba (drums)

Savage Circle (Alassio): Claudio ‘TomTom’ Tomati (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Marco ‘Ely’ Barbarino (guitar), Alessandro ‘Kino’ Rossini a.k.a. ‘Kasbah’, Vincenzo/Enzo ‘Sid’ Bianco (bass)

Vivisexzione (Pesaro): ?

[Condemned] Attitude (USA) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-11-15)



(thanks to Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt)

(?) Homeless Crew / Read All About It / American Paranoia* / (?) Big Time Game-Hunting / (?) No Blind Power** / Crucified System** / Dead Serious* / Save Thy Brother** / Warhead (‘UK Subs’ cover) / Dope Fiend* / D.S.F.A.* (Doesn’t Stand For Anything) / When Worlds Collide / Third World Child** / Kill A Hippie / (?) To Whom It May Concern / Practicing For War** / It’s No TV Sketch (‘Discharge’ cover) / Freak** / (Thoughts Of) Equality**

[* ‘Attitude Adjustment’ /// ** ‘Attitude’]

‘Attitude’ (formerly ‘Condemned Attitude’) was actually a new band formed by former members of the band ‘Attitude Adjustment’. It was not a continuation of ‘A.A.’ by a different name, which was still active when ‘Attitude’ was formed. ‘A.A.’ split up around July ’86 and reformed with a new line up a few months later (original ‘A.A.’ drummer Chris Kontos and others).

Their first tape was recorded with Andy Andersen (vocals; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Chris Scaparro (guitar; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Rick Strahl (bass; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Paul Birnbaum (drums; ex ‘Septic Death’) and Keith Chatham (guitar; formerly bassist of ‘Condemned To Death’). It was released around July/August. When Thomas Issler of We Bite recs brought them over to Europe (see 87-11-15 & 87-12-11), Keith wasn’t in the band; though he had participated in the recordings (July 1987; Keith back on bass and Rick on guitar) of the Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland 12″ (released August/September). Joe(y) Devlin (of ‘Condemned?’) hit the drums during that tour. The 12″ The Good, The Bad…The Obnoxious (enregistred December 1987 in Germany) was with Joey; and on To Whom It May Concern (recorded in the U.S., in July 1988) Eric Brecht (also in ‘D.R.I.’ & ‘Hirax’) was the drummer.


Read All About It! I forgot about that song. It never got to vinyl. Kill the Hippies is just some goofy song we used to jam on at practice.

Christopher Scaparro

These (?) songs are some I wrote for the first ‘Condemned?’ album but then Andy changed some lyrics later. The cool thing is the drummer on this recording Joe Devlin, I met some many years later and has been the ‘Condemned?’ drummer for several years! He was from Santa Rosa (just 19 I think) and in a band called ‘Insanity Puppets’.

The set-list is a lot of songs from the Australian ‘Condemned?’ recording (’87), that Nuclear Blast re-issued (together with another CD with ‘Condemned2Death’ stuff) in 2011.

So the first intro is (the last part of) Homeless Crew. Read All About It is a song from ‘Condemned?’ (Humanoid or Biomechanoid? album): Emotional Blurr with different lyrics. Big Time Game-Hunting is from the same ‘Condemned?’ album; same lyrics. Then into No Blind Power. Between  D.S.F.S. & Third World Child is When Worlds Collide (also from the ‘Condemned?’ album then re-recorded by ‘Attitude’. To Whom It May Concern was entitled Deadly Euphoria at first: I wrote the music and early lyrics. I re-recorded this in 2015 for the ‘Condemned?’ Steamed Punks 4-song disc as Department Of Authority. See

Keith Chatham

Lougaroo (Swi) tape (1991)


side A /// side B

In the early 90s, Kirsten Romig, the vocalist of the Amsterdam-based band ‘Do Or Die‘ moved to Bern (Switzerland). She started singing for ‘Lougaroo’ (Claudio Gehrig was the original vocalist), with Mike Belac (guitar), Päd/Paed Conca (bass) and ‘Stebi’ Stefan Woodtli (drums).

This tape here was released (“with the consent of the band”) on Harmony recs from Warsaw (Poland) – the label of the band ‘Ahimsa’. Their music is a versatile crossover/mix of hardcore, thrash, jazz & rock (that reminded me of ‘Victims Family’, ‘Assassins Of God’ e.g.) accompanied by strong female vocals, and all with great musicianship.

They also put an LP out, entitled Minorities, on the label Record Junkie (1990), had 2 tracks on the compilation-LP Avalanche 2 Swiss Underground (Far Out recs, ’91) and one on the Gift & Galle International antifa benefit-compilation (Schwarze 7, ’93).


We started in ’89 with a other singer and did one LP and some samplers with him, then we played only instrumental for a while until Kirsten arrived. We also did this tape, in ’91, with her (in Poland, where we toured a lot…). Harmony recs was the label of the band ‘Ahimsa’; ‘Dezerter’ was also involved in it, and a bunch of HC kids from there…

I also played for ‘Do Or Die’ on a tour or two after their bassplayer left the band. Kirsten went back to the states in the late 90s. Before she also stayed in Bern and did another music-project, more singer/songwriter style (‘Stella & Eye’)…

Paed Conca

I started singing for ‘Lougaroo’ when Mike Belac came to Amsterdam in ‘90-‘91. He had heard me singing with ‘Do Or Die’ and was looking for a singer to tour with them through Poland and with ‘Ahimsa’ – another polish jazz-coreish band. I was looking for something different at the time and I liked their music. I agreed to sing for them on the basis that I make my own lyrics and melodies. It worked out. I eventually moved to Switzerland a year or two later and I think we were together for a couple of years before we broke up. We were quite popular. I was sick of touring (touring with two bands takes its toll). But, somehow got involved with the duo ‘Stella & Eye’ – which also had some popularity. ‘Stella & Eye’ toured until the year I moved back to the states in May 2000. We did a Good-bye Tour through Europe and played a few gigs in New York in June 2000.

Kirsten Romig