Lougaroo (Swi) tape (1991)


side A /// side B

In the early 90s, Kirsten Romig, the vocalist of the Amsterdam-based band ‘Do Or Die‘ moved to Bern (Switzerland). She started singing for ‘Lougaroo’ (Claudio Gehrig was the original vocalist), with Mike Belac (guitar), Päd/Paed Conca (bass) and ‘Stebi’ Stefan Woodtli (drums).

This tape here was released (“with the consent of the band”) on Harmony recs from Warsaw (Poland) – the label of the band ‘Ahimsa’. Their music is a versatile crossover/mix of hardcore, thrash, jazz & rock (that reminded me of ‘Victims Family’, ‘Assassins Of God’ e.g.) accompanied by strong female vocals, and all with great musicianship.

They also put an LP out, entitled Minorities, on the label Record Junkie (1990), had 2 tracks on the compilation-LP Avalanche 2 Swiss Underground (Far Out recs, ’91) and one on the Gift & Galle International antifa benefit-compilation (Schwarze 7, ’93).


We started in ’89 with a other singer and did one LP and some samplers with him, then we played only instrumental for a while until Kirsten arrived. We also did this tape, in ’91, with her (in Poland, where we toured a lot…). Harmony recs was the label of the band ‘Ahimsa’; ‘Dezerter’ was also involved in it, and a bunch of HC kids from there…

I also played for ‘Do Or Die’ on a tour or two after their bassplayer left the band. Kirsten went back to the states in the late 90s. Before she also stayed in Bern and did another music-project, more singer/songwriter style (‘Stella & Eye’)…

Paed Conca

I started singing for ‘Lougaroo’ when Mike Belac came to Amsterdam in ‘90-‘91. He had heard me singing with ‘Do Or Die’ and was looking for a singer to tour with them through Poland and with ‘Ahimsa’ – another polish jazz-coreish band. I was looking for something different at the time and I liked their music. I agreed to sing for them on the basis that I make my own lyrics and melodies. It worked out. I eventually moved to Switzerland a year or two later and I think we were together for a couple of years before we broke up. We were quite popular. I was sick of touring (touring with two bands takes its toll). But, somehow got involved with the duo ‘Stella & Eye’ – which also had some popularity. ‘Stella & Eye’ toured until the year I moved back to the states in May 2000. We did a Good-bye Tour through Europe and played a few gigs in New York in June 2000.

Kirsten Romig

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