[Condemned] Attitude (USA) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-11-15)



(thanks to Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt)

(?) Homeless Crew / Read All About It / American Paranoia* / (?) Big Time Game-Hunting / (?) No Blind Power** / Crucified System** / Dead Serious* / Save Thy Brother** / Warhead (‘UK Subs’ cover) / Dope Fiend* / D.S.F.A.* (Doesn’t Stand For Anything) / When Worlds Collide / Third World Child** / Kill A Hippie / (?) To Whom It May Concern / Practicing For War** / It’s No TV Sketch (‘Discharge’ cover) / Freak** / (Thoughts Of) Equality**

[* ‘Attitude Adjustment’ /// ** ‘Attitude’]

‘Attitude’ (formerly ‘Condemned Attitude’) was actually a new band formed by former members of the band ‘Attitude Adjustment’. It was not a continuation of ‘A.A.’ by a different name, which was still active when ‘Attitude’ was formed. ‘A.A.’ split up around July ’86 and reformed with a new line up a few months later (original ‘A.A.’ drummer Chris Kontos and others).

Their first tape was recorded with Andy Andersen (vocals; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Chris Scaparro (guitar; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Rick Strahl (bass; ex ‘Attitude Adjustment’), Paul Birnbaum (drums; ex ‘Septic Death’) and Keith Chatham (guitar; formerly bassist of ‘Condemned To Death’). It was released around July/August. When Thomas Issler of We Bite recs brought them over to Europe (see 87-11-15 & 87-12-11), Keith wasn’t in the band; though he had participated in the recordings (July 1987; Keith back on bass and Rick on guitar) of the Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland 12″ (released August/September). Joe(y) Devlin (of ‘Condemned?’) hit the drums during that tour. The 12″ The Good, The Bad…The Obnoxious (enregistred December 1987 in Germany) was with Joey; and on To Whom It May Concern (recorded in the U.S., in July 1988) Eric Brecht (also in ‘D.R.I.’ & ‘Hirax’) was the drummer.


Read All About It! I forgot about that song. It never got to vinyl. Kill the Hippies is just some goofy song we used to jam on at practice.

Christopher Scaparro

These (?) songs are some I wrote for the first ‘Condemned?’ album but then Andy changed some lyrics later. The cool thing is the drummer on this recording Joe Devlin, I met some many years later and has been the ‘Condemned?’ drummer for several years! He was from Santa Rosa (just 19 I think) and in a band called ‘Insanity Puppets’.

The set-list is a lot of songs from the Australian ‘Condemned?’ recording (’87), that Nuclear Blast re-issued (together with another CD with ‘Condemned2Death’ stuff) in 2011.

So the first intro is (the last part of) Homeless Crew. Read All About It is a song from ‘Condemned?’ (Humanoid or Biomechanoid? album): Emotional Blurr with different lyrics. Big Time Game-Hunting is from the same ‘Condemned?’ album; same lyrics. Then into No Blind Power. Between  D.S.F.S. & Third World Child is When Worlds Collide (also from the ‘Condemned?’ album then re-recorded by ‘Attitude’. To Whom It May Concern was entitled Deadly Euphoria at first: I wrote the music and early lyrics. I re-recorded this in 2015 for the ‘Condemned?’ Steamed Punks 4-song disc as Department Of Authority. See www.condemnedmerch.com

Keith Chatham

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