Koyaanisqatsi (Bel) rehearsal (1985)



Intro / Koyaanisqatsi / Wounded knee / War / Final touch / White Power, White Disease / Lost Youth / I Hate The World Death Strike Now / Dop (Dole) Always The Same – Airplanes / Stomme Wedloop (Stupid Race) / Reggae Song / Day Of Doomed / Satanist

This was the second punk-band (the first being ‘Nightshift’) my mate Dirk Ceustermans was in (he played bass here). Later he would form ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’… Things started when Dirk met up with Ludwig Goedhuys (guitar), Ivo Cloetens (vocals) & Bart Steens (drums) in November ’84. ‘Banshee’ joined in January ’85 to do vocals: he was also on the studio-recordings. A bit later Ivo came back. They had been in various other not-so-productive bands from the Leuven-area (such as ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’), and existed for about a year. Their very first gig was in Antwerp on 85-04-06. The only recordings they did in a studio were the tracks on the Punk Etc. compilation-LP Alle 24 Goed (Justified Violence / War / Koyaanisquatsi / I Hate The World / Stomme Wedloop). These tracks here were enregistred after the compilation (October/November 1985), so with Ivo on vocals.


Things started when I hung out with Bart Steens at concerts; we were both doing fanzines (Bart: Het Schandaal / Dirk: D.R.O.L.) and got befriended. We both thought it would be fun to do our own music as we had done a bit of music in before. Bart knew a bit of drumming and Dirk bought a 500 BeF [12,50 Euro] bass; we got introduced to 2 friends of Bart that joined in on the fun: Ludwig Goedhuys (guitar) and Ivo Cloetens (vocals). They had been in bands before; one was called ‘Vlaanderen Stinkt’ [Flanders Stinks]. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ started rehearsing around end of 1984, played a first gig at De Waag [Antwerp]. More gigs in Belgium & Holland followed and hilarious times were spent while doing so. I remember Ludwig cutting the body of his Les Paul (copy) guitar into a sort of Flying V shape and doing so, he’d cut off all the electronics from the body of the guitar as well… He came to rehearse with a guitar that did no longer work at all hahaha…

Ivo got kicked out for musical differences (not really: he messed around with someones girl) and ‘Banshee’ was put on vocals. After that the band felt ‘Banshee’ was not what they wanted and Ivo returned to the band. From then the style of the songs changed, initially into a ‘Discharge’-like (or lets say ‘Capital Scum’ & ‘Subversion’ kinda’) vein 🙂 … And later on into a crossover metal-punk style. Along with ‘X-Creta’ and ‘Heibel’ we were in fact amongst the earliest Belgian crossover bands. A gig in Leuven with those 3 bands, late 1985, must have been one of the first crossover punk shows… [85-11-29 @ Q 104]

By the end of 1985 the end for the band set in when Ludwig and Bart discovered Jimi Hendrix (nothing personal against that but I wanted to continue what was starting at the time: crossover punk). So I formed ‘Ear Damage’ with Marc & ‘Bie’ of ‘Zyklome-A’ who’d folded at about the same time as ‘Koyaanisqatsi’…

Dirk Ceustermans

‘Koyaanisqatsi’ @ Rio, Hamme (Bel) 85-11-08



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