Disturbing Foresights (Hol) promo (1993)


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‘Disturbing Foresights’ (from Zoetermeer, between Rotterdam & The Hague) was a bunch of guys that were visiting some of our Smurfpunx concerts and/or organising gigs at the their local youth-centre Mevr. Latenstaan (where I sometimes booked bands). They played innovative HC with some metal/rap influences. (I invited them over to play at the Vort’n Vis, 91-12-31.) The band consisted of Cor Hoogerdijk (drums & vocals; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’), Chiel/Michiel Schouten (guitar; also in ‘The Incredible Softies’; later replaced by Sebastiaan ‘Bas’ de Neef and then Arjan van der Schee, ex ‘Brutal Obcenity’), Koen ‘Coenraedt’ Bakker (bass), Iwan P. Vol & Ron Osephius (vocals).

This tape contained 4 tracks (recorded in ’93) intended as a promo for their De-Grunged CD (that was released many years later). The same songs were sold as a demo entitled Walking Violations Of The Laws Of Nature. My review in Tilt! #8: >>Technically high-standing music: these men master quite some styles and mix them into their own brand of HC: thrash, jazzy bits, rap, metal, melody, etc. But no time to stay with your mouth open in astonishment; it’s also moving music. Check ‘m out!<<

They already had 5 tracks on the Tegenwind compilation-LP (out on WRF recs) in 1990, did a split-7″ with ‘Antic Hay’ – the socalled Couch Potatoes (zine) EP – for the same label (’91), the 7″ 1992. They also featured on a Destroy Fascism compilation-tape recorded at Arnhem’s Goudvishal and on the other WRF compilation-LP Welcome To Our Scene. Their last 7″ Come On Baby was recorded at De Blauwe Aanslag squat in The Hague in 1995.


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