>>8:11 On A Summer Night<< (Can) compilation (1997)


side A:

‘New York City Rhythm’ – Left With The Radio… Pull The Trigger / ‘Slough Of Dispond’ – Candlelight Dinner For Two / ‘Third World Planet’ –  Survival Of The Fittest (live in Toronto 97-06-18) / ‘Petty Forward Thought’ – 6 / ‘Rot:Ironsmile’ – 3 Weeks

side B:

‘From Maggy To Margaret’ – Better, Someday / ‘Third World Planet’ – Ranting Isn’t Enough / ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’ – Balls To The Wall (live in Duncan B.C. 97-09-26) / ‘Warsaw Union’ – Black Tie, Midnight / ‘Rot:Ironsmile’ – One Year Ago (Live In Duncan B.C. 97-10-19)

Somewhere in the second half of the 90s this guy from Victoria (Britisch Columbia, Canadian west-coast), Greg Pratt, wrote me about his label (Diminutive recs) an his zine distribution (Tavis). He might have distributed some copies of my zine and sent me this tape to promote his releases.

I learned that he’d received an inheritance and that enabled him to release some records by his friends’ bands. The first was a split-7″ flexi (‘Third World Planet’/’The Republic Of Freedom Fighters’; together with Jason Flower of Break Even recs). The next were a split-tape with his own band (‘Wrought:Ironsmile’) & ‘The Warsaw Union’, and the ‘Wrought:Ironsmile’ debut 7”. After that, Sean Thomas, ‘Wrought:Ironsmile’s bassist joined to help with the label and they decided to do this compilation-tape…


New York City Rhythm (Victoria, BC / emo): Brad Kurushima (guitar/vocals), Evan Raine (bass), Mateos ‘Matty’ Marnik (drums), Steve Bays (guitar/vocals)

Slough Of Dispond (Vancouver, BC): ?

Third World Planet (Nanaimo, BC / powerviolence): Eric Boros (guitar/vocals), Jason Flower (drums/vocals) [previous members: Caro (vocals/bass), Janet Woods (bass; replaced Corey Peet)]

Petty Forward Thought (Victoria, BC / emo): Greg Pratt (drums), Keith Jones (vocals), Tom Saville (guitar), Sean Thomas (bass)

Wrought (a.k.a. Rot):Ironsmile (Victoria, BC / emo): Greg Pratt (drums/vocals), Neil Cooke-Dallin (guitar/vocals), Sean Thomas (bass/vocals)

From Maggy To Margaret (Nanaimo, BC): ?

Let’s Put The X In Sex (Sidney, BC): Bill Horsfield (vocals), ‘The Count’ Stewart Fulke-Griville (poetry), ‘The Cruiser’ Jeff Kruys (keyboards/bass on first demo), Greg Pratt (drums), Tavis Radford (vocals), Tom Saville (bass)

Warsaw Union (Duncan, BC / emo): ?



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