Earth Citizens (Swi) promo (1991)


side Aside B

‘Earth Citizens’ (Zürich, Switzerland) was the anarcho-punk band my comrade and ultra-productive zinester (No Sanctuary, Alternative, Brain Death, …) Pablo (‘The Prophet’ from Zürich, later Biel/Bienne) was in. He also ran the DIY label Resistance productions (and later Strongly Opposed recs). He was the drummer of the band. The others were ‘Schrein’n’hart’ Reinhard (vocals at first; later ‘Oi!Siris’), Fritze ‘Furz The System’ (guitar & backing-vocals) and Dani / ‘Sammy Soyhead’ (bass). Pablo had been in ‘The Brains Of Humans’ before, he went on to form more bands such as ‘Protest’, ‘Domo Arigato’, ‘Umbrella Tribe’, etc.

This tape contained a bunch of tracks recorded in the band’s rehearsal-space and was intended as promotional material for the tour they were planning for May/June 1991. I helped them with a couple of gigs between France and the UK. The one on 91-05-10 was orginally planned at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper but was re-scheduled (last-minute) to Sliedrecht (The Netherlands) – together with ‘Concrete Sox’ – by Bruno VdV. 91-05-11 was in ‘Kalashnikov’, Terneuzen…

Some of the songs here were released on a 7”, entitled No God No Leaders No State No Religion, right before the tour. In ’92 the Swiss label Romp productions released a split-7″ (Wie Lange Noch?) with the Luzerner band ‘Dekadent’. Before these, they had a tape out with live recordings (@ Friedensgasse squat, Zürich, 90-10-07) and one with studio recordings (To A Nation Of Party Lovers – line-up: Päasche (vocals/guitar), Isa (vocals), Ninja (guitar/vocals), Fritze (bass) & Pablo (drums).). Other releases are mentioned in an interview from 1992.


‘Protest’ was formed while ‘Earth Citizens’ was still around; it was the final band I played in! ‘Umbrella Tribe’, ‘Total Control’, ‘Domo Arigato’ came all later but they were one-off projects, except for ‘Domo Aarigato’ that played one gig but with a completely different line-up (and the other band – ‘Fingerprint’ – didn’t show up, so the gig was just the 2 Japanese songs we had and that was it!). ‘The Brains Of Humans’ was way before ‘Earth Citizens’ (1985-1989, with a one year break in between).

Dani was Sammy ‘Soyahead’s replacement, Iris tried the bass for a little while but the final line-up was ‘Oi!Siris’ (vocals), ‘Furz The System’ (guitar), Lara (bass) & ‘The Prophet’ (drums). We even did 2 new songs (Terrorists Kill Again & Society’s Greed) with these and have a crappy recording of them. I actually planned to see if anything can be done about the recording to restore it and make it sound as good as to put out a very limited 7″ (just for us and a few friends) but so far I haven’t managed to sort it out.

Shortly after Lara got pregnant [she gave birth to Suzy, Pablo’s daughter] so she quit and so did ‘Earth Citizens’. (We were just tired of getting yet another bassist and teach him/her all the songs). A little while later ‘Oi!Siris’ died a tragic death (not even 20 years old) when she’d just announced she’d be doing more stuff for the zine/label! Iris died and Suzy was born…very mixed feelings time back then…


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