R.K.L. [Rich Kids On L.S.D.] (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-25)



(part 1) [soundcheck] Beautiful Feeling pt I / Break the Camel’s Back / Lies / Blocked Out / Scab On My Brain / Think Positive / Senseless Violence / Tribute To The Jester / Coming Home / Lay Your Weapons Down / Why? / Hangover (Popeye) / Meltdown / Catch Your Breath /// (part 2) Rock’n’Roll Nightmare / Pothead / Find A Way

This is an registration of the band’s performance at their Smurfpunx gig on 88-06-25  kindly provided by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. Thanks to Chris Rest for checking the set-list.

The band, at that time, was: vocalist Jason Sears (R.I.P.), bassist Joe Raposo (17 years old on the European tour), guitarists Barry Ward & Chris(topher) Rest (later ‘Lagwagon’), and the funny and hyper-active Richard Anthony ‘Bomer’ Manzullo (R.I.P.) on drums. Their album Rock’n’Roll Nightmare had been recorded May 1987 (with ‘Bomber’ doing both bass & drums). Some of the tracks also come from the Keep Laughing LP and most feature on the double album Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin, recorded in (West) Berlin on July 9th 1988 at the end of that tour. ‘R.K.L.’ was a Californian skate-core band associated with the ‘Nardcore’ scene that evolved out of Oxnard (but the band formed in a suburb of Santa Barbara). A year later (the band had called it quits), I met Barry in San Francisco, where he was setting up another band and hanging around with the ‘M.D.C.’ crew (a band he would later tour with)…

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