London 77 (Ita) Justitia; tape (1984)


Side ASide B

Tracks: Preghiera (Prayer) / Death To Discoteque / Fuck You / Fratelli Del Cazzo (Dick Brothers) / Naja / Merda Al Potere (Fuck The Power) / Socks / Noi (We) / Allarme (Alarm) / Quando Sarai Grande (When You’ll Grow Up) / Cambiamento (Change) / Ci Vogliono Ammazzare (They Want To Kill Us) / Già Brigate Rosse (Already Red Brigades)

‘Mokka’ Geert Mokwinski also got this one through trading with one of his compilations but he doesn’t remember who with…

The tape has the same songs on both sides but recorded at different times with different line-ups: the bassists were (Ferdi)Nando Ferdinandi (side A, recorded August 1984) & Fabio ‘Demente’ Furlan (side B, recorded in March 1983); the others: drummer Tommaso Dorati, guitarist Giulio Pazienti and vocalist Marcello Fagiani (on side B, Nando sings on side A). They played hardcore-punk (not 77 punk but raw, ferocious, abrasive) and came from Latina (South of Rome).


In 1983 Fabio and Marcello got tired of playing in ‘London 77’. At that time I had discovered punk-rock and was looking for a band to play in. So I became their singer and bass-player. We decided to record Justitia again with the new line-up and, if I remember well, it was released in 1984…

All the lyrics were written by the first singer Marcello and were against society generally, just like a lot of hardcore bands in the eighties. Some of them were stupid and quite nonsense (Socks e.g.). I don’t remember why the band’s name was chosen.

In the late eighties I was in another hardcore/punk band called ‘F.C.A.’ and after that, in 1989, my actual band called ‘SenzaBenza’ [pop-punk] (with, in the original line-up, Fabio of ‘London 77’) was born.

Ferdinando Ferdinandi

The band was formed in September 1981 with 3 members (me, bass/vocals – Giulio, guitar – Nico, drums) under the first name ‘Dead Pistols’; our first songs were ‘Sex Pistols’ covers… In December 1982 the band became a quartet with the addition of Marcello on vocals; Tommaso became the drummer. I composed all music and lyrics on the official Justitia demo: 11 tracks recorded in march 1983 with original line-up, and in August 1984 the demo was re-recorded with Nando on vocals and bass. In the beginning the sound was more 77-punk oriented, later it became hardcore.

Fabio Furlan

‘London 77’ (1982) L => R: Giulio Pazienti – Marcello Fagiani – Fabio Furlan – Gianfranco Aurilio

(photo courtesy Fabio Furlan)

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