Bad Attitude (Ger) demo (1987)


Side ASide B

No idea how I got this tape. The band was from the surroundings of Peine (Braunschweig area, Germany), where the record-label Old World recs (ran by Thomas Lenz & Rüdiger ‘Rudy’ Wöhrle) was located. I distributed a few of the records they released…

The members of the band were Curt Bodenstedt (vocals), ‘Quirl’ (guitar), ‘Pogo’/Thomas Lenz (bass) & ‘Olli’/Oliver (drums). The first two later joined ‘X Woolhead’ (7” on Old World recs in ’91). Besides this tape they did 3 7″s – a split with a Swiss band and 2 on a British label: Inner Motives (songs also on this tape here) & A Long Way…. Curt started his own label (Snoop recs) by issuing their discography.

In Tilt! #4 I described this as simple hardcore (not too fast, not too slow) and expressed that they might sound better live…

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