Juggling Jugulars (Fin) promo (1995)



Positivity / Passersby / Muuttolinnut [Migratory birds, ‘Treblinka’ cover] / Master / Fed Up / Popularized Fascism / Living By Wars / No Fucking War / So Clear: Anti-Nuclear! / Big Hands – Hit Fascist Harder / Fools And Fanatics – Natseja Vastaan [Against Nazis] / Liberation / Harmless Business?

These are basically (a rehearsal of) the songs that were on the Positively Fed Up! CD released by Jukka Junttila (on his label Hiljaiset Levyt) in 1996. My mate ‘Peku’ Petteri Mikkilä sent me the tape because I helped/was always trying to help them with gigs. ‘Juggling Jugulars’ were/are my favourite Finnish hardcore band, since I got to know them in the early 90s and helped them out with their first concerts in our neighbourhood (e.g. @ the Pits in Kortrijk 91-06-23). Early on playing rather timid/intimate melodic hardcore and gradually turning into a confident/more brutal political/DIY HC outfit. The recordings here were with ‘Peku’ (guitar/vocals; ex ‘Sabotaasi’), ‘Jantsa’ Jani Kärkkäinen (bass/vocals;ex ‘Treblinka’, also editor of Toinen Vaihtoehto zine, R.I.P.), Tero Luoma (guitar) and Marko Nurmi (drums).

Arja Rantanen (ex ‘Snotface’) joined as lead vocalist in 2000 and after ‘Jantsa’ got disabled by an intracranial hemorrhage in 2006 (he passed away in 2008), they got another bassplayer (Jaani Mantere). The band (Tampere/Seinäjoki/Vaasa region) still exists today and continues to make/release great/inspiring music and tour.

I did an interview for Tilt! #9 with guitarist/vocalist ‘Peku’ & bassist/vocalist ‘Jantsa’ (1996-97). Check their releases on jugglingjugulars.bandcamp.

Some of my reviews go as follows: >>Both their debut and their 2nd 7″ (Gun In My Heart) contain melodic HCpunk with some catchy tunes and sensitive vocals/chorusses. Exuberance and reservedness mixed in equal shares. Personal lyrics about the questions in life.<< (Tilt! #6); (about the 7″ My Dream) >>These lads have a special place in my heart; not in the least ’cause they play very touching melodic HC with extra-ordinary chorusses. This is their most political relase so far. Lyrics deal with unified Europe, democracy?,… Excellent!<< (Tilt! #7); (about the CD …For Humanity) >>That Suomi is more than just crustpunk-heaven is proven by this bunch. They’ve developed the melodic open sound of their 7″s into something a bit tighter/faster and it sounds even more fantastic. Their trademark: powerful melody-lines and enchanting chorusses, are also still overtly present. Great musicianship and a wide range of vocal emotions. Some of the lyrics could’ve sprouted from my own brain. A band that means a lot to me…<< (Tilt! #8); (on Positively Fed Up!, & New Toys) >>One of my favourite bands for quite some years now… They keep elabortaing their music. The etheric sound of their first releases has disappeared. There’s a definite crusty influence but they have mixed it with a firm dash of melody into their own brand of fast, tuneful crustcore that they keep spicing with reggae-licks and chugga-chugga breaks. […] Once again a blast! And again they do things a bit differently: still fast, rough-edged and melodic but you’ll hear the difference. Somewhere in the back of my head comparisons with ‘Seein’Red’ & ‘So Much Hate’ pop up. […] Brilliant stuff!<< (Tilt! #9)

91-06-23 Brob – ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (with original vocalist Timmo & drummer Timppa) – Piet ‘Pits’

98-05-11 ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Jantsa & Peku) @ Clockwork, Leuven


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