Israelvis (Nor) We Only Live Twice; tape (1991)


Side ASide B

This was sent to me as a promo, most probably by my friend Kent Nielsen (ex ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’, ‘Attent!on’, ‘Ugly Food’ & ‘Band Full Of Leroys’) – who released it on his label D.D.R. (Devil Dance recs, the label he did with Ulrich ‘Uli’ Saltzmann) when he’d moved from Odense to Lübeck. It was licensed to QQRYQ productions (Warsaw) for a tape-release.

‘Israelvis’ – Viggo Mastad (guitar/vocals; formerly ‘Angor Wat’ & ‘Attent!on’, later ‘Castro’), Tor Egil Ingebrigtsen (bass) & Jens-Petter Wiig (drums; formerly ‘Angor Wat’, later ‘Castro’) – was a band from Trondheim (Norway). (Vocalist Bård Henning Noodt had left.) Their music is usualy described as post-punk or alternative rock but the members definitely originated from the hardcore/punk-scene and to me their music could be described as (metal/crossover) hardcore, influenced by jazz & electronics… This release contains quite orginal covers of ‘ABBA’s S.O.S. and It’s Obvious by the ‘Au Pairs’.

My review in Tilt! #7: >>Mostly the same tracks as on the Half Past Heaven album. Thrashrockwavecore!? Definitely an own style… Quite powerful too (metal riffs)! Vocals balance between strained and dramatic. Personal metaphorical lyrics.<<

Jens-Petter and Vigo are now in ‘Castro‘ with Katja of ‘Life But How To Live It’…

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