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Spermbirds (Ger) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-11-01)



Americans Are Cool / She’s Got VD / You’re Not A punk / Shit Job / Playboy Subscriber / Kill Me Quick / My God Rides A Skateboard / What A Bitch Is / Shit Rolls Downhill / Bed Tool / My Brother / It’s Just An Excuse / Get On The Stage / Bloodstains (‘Agent Orange’ [USA] cover) / Something To Prove / Try Again / 12XU (‘Wire’ cover) / Lights Out (‘Angry Samoans’ cover)

??? (track indicated as No Move) / You’re Not A punk

This a registration (courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt) of the show they played for Hageland Hardcore gig (87-11-01) with ‘Ignition’ (USA), ‘So Much Hate’ (Ger), ‘Heibel’ & ‘Ear Damage’ (Bel). The band had played their first time for Smurfpunx earlier that year (87-07-05; their first Belgian passage was – I believe – on 87-02-14 @ Sint-Truiden) and had left quite an impression. The regular line-up at that time was Lee Hollis (vocals), Roger Ingenthron (guitar), Frank Rahm (guitar), Markus Weilemann (bass) & Matthias ‘Beppo’ Götte (drums). For some reason Markus wasn’t available and their former guitarist Joe Strübe replaced him on bass. The band would split up for the first time soon after…

Doodt Illegaal (Bel) live (Terneuzen, Nl, 88-11-19)



Nazi Skins (Fuck Off) – You Say – Animal Pain – Fear Of … – ??? – Violent Raping – Sheep (‘Electro Hippies’ cover) – Steppin’ Stone (‘The Monkees’ cover) – Mindless Violence

‘Doodt Illegaal’ (“kill illegaly/unlawfuly”) was from the Sint-Niklaas area. The singer was Mick(e)y/Mike Delafontaine (later keyboards in ‘Airun Seth’, a noise/sludge/doom band), ‘Rik’ Erik De Ryk played guitar, ‘Jackies’ did bass and ‘Pats’ hit the drums. This is a registration – kindly donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt – of their performance @ Jamasj in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) on 88-11-19. My mates there (Mark Belaert, Lex, Maarten, etc.) were regularly helping me out with gigs. This one was when I was arranging some shows for ‘Chaos UK’.

The band also did studio-recordings for a split-tape with ‘Youth Crew’, released by Nabate. And they contributed 2 tracks for the Stop Fascisme compilation-tape (Kurt Boelen’s Kanker tapes). On 89-05-04 Smurfpunx invited them to come and play in Netwerk (Aalst, Bel).

There was also a zine with the same name but that was done by Diego Rooman (& ‘Macho’/Geert De Decker) from Temse…

Karcer (Pol) Blindman; demo (1990)


Side ASide B

Karcer‘ (meaning ‘detention’), a punk band from Słupsk (west of Gdansk). They started in 1982 and still exist. The line-up changed a few times but in 1990 the guys playing were Krzysztof Żeromski a.k.a. ‘Ferment’ (guitar/vocals), Adam Lao (bass), Tomasz Fangrat (drums) and Przemek/Przemysław Brosz (guitar).

Some of the songs here were also on their first (self-titled) LP that got out in 1991. The demo was probably sent to me to get gigs but as far as I remember they never made to the lowlands.

My review (Tilt! #6) goes as follows: >>Very good stuff here! The music ranges from melodic HCpunk to metal-influenced HC/thrash. Excellent (english) voacals. Sounds very “western” (whatever that might mean)… My Polish friends tell me however they could work a bit harder to support their own scene. No lyrics [provided].<<

Ludichrist (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-12-04)



(soundcheck) / Blown Into The Arms Of Christ / Big Business / Only As Directed / Government Kids / Damage Done / Games Once Played / Fire At The Firehouse / You’re In A Jungle / Young, White And Well Behaved / Powertrip / Zad / Legal Murder / Mengele / Earache My Eye (‘Cheech And Chong’ cover)

The Barber Of Sevilla [T.B.O.S. = Barbiere Di Siviglia] / Sweet Home Alabama (‘Lynyrd Skynyrd’ cover) / (band-introduction) / Green Eggs & Ham / You Can’t Have Fun / This Party Sucks / Most People Are Dicks

[recorded by Jan ‘Bux De Vriendt]

This is the set ‘Ludichrist’ played on their Smurfpunx show (88-12-04) together with ‘Erosion’ (Ger; the band they were touring with), and ‘Angry Red Planet’ (USA) & ‘Stengte Dører’ (Nor). It was their last show of their first (Power Trip) tour in Europe. The people playing here were: Glen Cummings (guitar), Tommy ‘Christ’ (vocals), Guy Brogna (not Mike Walters who played on the album) (bass), Dave Miranda (drums) & Paul Nieder (guitar). Most songs are from their albums Immaculate Deception (1986) and Powertrip (1988).

Before this I’d done a brief interview with Tommy ‘Christ’ (Tilt! #2) and here’s my review of their Immaculate Deception LP (Tilt! #3): >>Musically I find this album an innovation. From the interview you’ll know they call their music hardcore-rock’n’roll. Well, that’s a suitable discription. It has a bit of everything in it. They start off with the explosive Fire At The Firehouse. This bomb has a kaleidoscopic effect: bluesy, aggressive, psychedelic, hypnotising, rocking, … Wonderful what Glen does on that guitar of his. In their lyrics, they don’t take anything seriously: religion, army, governments, big business, moral majority, media; industries, … Tommy’s voice sneers ruthless, rages on at full speed. You sometimes  cannot imagine that he’s actually singing all this…but he is! For me this is the best album of the past semester. Includes the ultimate hardcore-rap Green Eggs And Ham.