Karcer (Pol) Blindman; demo (1990)


Side ASide B

Karcer‘ (meaning ‘detention’), a punk band from Słupsk (west of Gdansk). They started in 1982 and still exist. The line-up changed a few times but in 1990 the guys playing were Krzysztof Żeromski a.k.a. ‘Ferment’ (guitar/vocals), Adam Lao (bass), Tomasz Fangrat (drums) and Przemek/Przemysław Brosz (guitar).

Some of the songs here were also on their first (self-titled) LP that got out in 1991. The demo was probably sent to me to get gigs but as far as I remember they never made to the lowlands.

My review (Tilt! #6) goes as follows: >>Very good stuff here! The music ranges from melodic HCpunk to metal-influenced HC/thrash. Excellent (english) voacals. Sounds very “western” (whatever that might mean)… My Polish friends tell me however they could work a bit harder to support their own scene. No lyrics [provided].<<

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