Doodt Illegaal (Bel) live (Terneuzen, Nl, 88-11-19)



Nazi Skins (Fuck Off) – You Say – Animal Pain – Fear Of … – ??? – Violent Raping – Sheep (‘Electro Hippies’ cover) – Steppin’ Stone (‘The Monkees’ cover) – Mindless Violence

‘Doodt Illegaal’ (“kill illegaly/unlawfuly”) was from the Sint-Niklaas area. The singer was Mick(e)y/Mike Delafontaine (later keyboards in ‘Airun Seth’, a noise/sludge/doom band), ‘Rik’ Erik De Ryk played guitar, ‘Jackies’ did bass and ‘Pats’ hit the drums. This is a registration – kindly donated by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt – of their performance @ Jamasj in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) on 88-11-19. My mates there (Mark Belaert, Lex, Maarten, etc.) were regularly helping me out with gigs. This one was when I was arranging some shows for ‘Chaos UK’.

The band also did studio-recordings for a split-tape with ‘Youth Crew’, released by Nabate. And they contributed 2 tracks for the Stop Fascisme compilation-tape (Kurt Boelen’s Kanker tapes). On 89-05-04 Smurfpunx invited them to come and play in Netwerk (Aalst, Bel).

There was also a zine with the same name but that was done by Diego Rooman (& ‘Macho’/Geert De Decker) from Temse…

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