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Scoundrels (Hol) U Freet Toe Moef; tape (1985)


Side ASide B

First time I met the guys in the ‘Scoundrels’ was probably at an ‘Indirekt’ gig in Antwerp (86-02-15). We had so much fun together there that I invited them for a gig in my hometown (86-05-24). We (Smurfpunx) also offered them a stage a few times (87-12-12 & 88-04-02).

Around ’85/’86 the band consisted of Patrick Delabie (guitar/vocals; later ‘The Acorns’, ‘Betty Ford Clinic’, etc.), Frank ‘Zappa’ de Hoon (bass/vocals) & Guus Goossens (drums). They had a few singers before that… Later ‘Bootsie’ Geert Budts (ex ‘Skunk’) replaced Guus and Luc Proost (ex ‘Wulpse Varkens’) joined to play guitar.

This tape was recorded 21-22-23 March 1985 in the band’s rehearsal-space. For some reason I didn’t review it for my fanzine. (I did an interview in Tilt! #1 with Pat though.) I still dig their fresh melodic (hardcore)punk(rock) and easily hum along to the tunes. Doesn’t sound outdated at all!

On an old blog, Niels de Wit mentions a (demo)tape (4 tracks) that Patrick did in 1981 (“one of the very first Dutch hardcore recordings”), which was with an aggressive singer (R.I.P.) “who was more into rock’n’roll (his habit of ending phrases with ‘chacha’ came from Dutch rocker Herman Brood)”… In 1984, the band contributed a song on Niels’ Alle 55 Kort compilation-tape. They had a track on the Babylon Bleibt Fahren compilation-LP and there’s also a couple of tapes with live recordings from 1985 & 86.

Scoundrels also did 2 LPs: Don’t Cry For The Moon (recorded Jun/Jul 1986) and Join Hands (out in 1988). These were reviewed in Tilt! #2 & #4: >>After a third listen my enthusiasm for the ‘Scoundrels’ blazed again. It’s not hardcore and the album sounds less solid than the tape (even airy). […] I believe ‘Scoundrels’ are influenced by the ‘Buzzcocks’ & ‘XTC’. Take the song Male Pride e.g.: the middle part could be by the ‘Buzzcocks’! It’s my favourite track; a hit! […] The lyrics are even more personal, less direct but therefore not less excellent. Great record!<< & >>Dutch punkrockers play music with the heart in the right place. Very melodic stuff. […] Catchy tunes; not without rock’n’roll influences. The lyrics aren’t high-standing but good and profane/realistic. […] Support this truly independent product!<<


There are indeed recordings that are even older, from ’81/’82. We never put that on vinyl, didn’t think that was a good idea back then… That was with another vocalist than myself.

Patrick Delabie

Savage Circle (Ita) MK3; tape (1983)


side A: Exposure Of Fear / Lebanon / Yankee Warlords / German Youth / Dogs Of War

side B: The Veil / Shark / Why The Hell / Dresden / Brand New Jails

Another tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…

This one had gotten a good review in M.R.R. so I bought it from the band (somewhere in ’83 I think). Later I asked them if I could use a few songs for my first compilation…


A band that started in 1979 already. Claudio ‘TomTom’ Tomati (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Marco ‘Ely’ Barbarino (guitar), Alessandro ‘Kino’ Rossini a.k.a. ‘Kasbah’ (drums; Vincenzo ‘Santo’ on Dogs Of War), Vincenzo/Enzo ‘Sid’ Bianco (bass) were the members; they were from Alassio (between Genua and Monaco). The music is newwave-ish melodic punkrock. Some people said they reminded them a bit of ‘The Cure’. Others referred to ‘The Ruts’ or ‘The Members’.

This tape was released on Edizione Storie Tese – the tape-label ran by Roberto De Capitani (bassist of ‘Noisenoisenoise’) and friends – that released 2 more tapes of them. In 1986 the band did a 12″. The band with the same name that appeared on a few compilations [Bollox to The Gonads – Here’s the Testicles (1984) & Punk Territory, Volume 6: North America Hardcore 1982-85 (1986)] was the American ‘Savage Circle’. The tracks Dogs Of War & Shark are also on the German compilation-LP Life Is A Joke.

>>Trash Till Death #1<< (various) compilation (1986)


This tape was a donation by Murielle ‘Mumu’ Celis, one of the vocalists of the Belgian HC/punk band ‘Anguish’. Click on the tracks (rehearsals/live or demo) below to listen (and download)…


Jules Dirven a.k.a. Juul ‘Anguish’ didn’t do any tapes. The guy who did this tape is Bart Jules Oosterlinck. Our recordings here could well be from another gig than the ones Smurfpunx did for us (87-03-15 & 88-01-30)… Juul wasn’t in the band anymore at that time: he was replaced by a friend of Kris Vandegoor and later by Alain Louie.

‘Mumu Anguish’

I practically forgot who were on that thrash-tape but I reckon they were bands that I corresponded with (probably around 1985-86).

Jules Oosterlinck


Anguish (Leuven, Bel): Murielle Celis (vocals), Bart Willemsen (vocals), Steve Demaret (drums), Kris Vandegoor (guitar), ‘Juul’/Fons Ceuppens (bass) – Gossip / Biefstuk (Steak) / Nuclear Madness / Bullfight

Heibel (Diepenbeek, Bel): Ivan ‘Bollie’ Nijs (vocals), Jo Reynders (drums), Pé Reynders (guitar), Erwin Reynders (bass) & Steven Luts (guitar) – Vlaams Blok (extreme right party in Belgium; track has never been released) / Forget It / We’re Against You / Now You’re A Big Boy / Fuck Your Propaganda /// Live Your Own Life

Capital Scum (Scherpenheuvel, Bel): Peter ‘Pies’ Laeremans, Paul ‘Larrie’ Laeremans (guitar), Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass) & ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums) – Clucth The Flag / Final Nail In My Coffin / Slavery / Animal Aid

No Numbers (Tielt, Bel): Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren/Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt (guitar), Kris Vereecke (bass) – Wild Thing / Human Life / God And Violence / Outlaw

Political Asylum (Stirling, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Stephen Brown/Steve Dewar (guitar), Ewan Hunt (bass) & Keith Burns (drums) – Disarm Or Die / Nothing Left /// Autonomous Youth / Passive Fist /// Where Next? (songs that were on the Fresh Hate tape, 1983)

Disturb (Blois, Fra): Antoine ‘Tonio’ (vocals), Manu ‘Biondette’ (guitar), Daniel ‘Luche’ (bass) & Franck ‘Guiche’ (drums) – Juste Un Espoir [Just Some Hope] / Klaus Barbie / Prison (tracks from the Cornettos Pour Dégonflés [Cornettos For The Deflated] tape, 1986)

Gore (Venlo, Ned): Danny Lommen (drums), Pieter De Swart (guitar) & Martin van Kleef (bass) – The Hunt / Out For Blood

Oh’ Dev (Venlo, Ned): Ruud Wolters (drums), André Alberts (vocals/guitar), André Kaysers/Dirk Teunissen (bass) & Chris Reutelingperger (guitar) – The Gutter / Raving Bonkers (tracks featured on the Raving Bonkers 12″, 1985)

Man’s Hate (Peterborough, UK): Andi ‘Xport’ (all instruments) – Man & Women On Horses With Dogs / President Botha Kills Children As Well / Dewhurst The Master Bastard(Butcher) (tracks were on the Raiders Of The Stolen Hearts tape, 1987)

Zaubépine (Péruwelz, Bel): Jean-François Fleury (bass/vocals), Frank De Waegenaere (?) & Christophe Van Runkele (?) – Anti-vivisection