Savage Circle (Ita) MK3; tape (1983)


side A: Exposure Of Fear / Lebanon / Yankee Warlords / German Youth / Dogs Of War

side B: The Veil / Shark / Why The Hell / Dresden / Brand New Jails

Another tape from Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…

This one had gotten a good review in M.R.R. so I bought it from the band (somewhere in ’83 I think). Later I asked them if I could use a few songs for my first compilation…


A band that started in 1979 already. Claudio ‘TomTom’ Tomati (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Marco ‘Ely’ Barbarino (guitar), Alessandro ‘Kino’ Rossini a.k.a. ‘Kasbah’ (drums; Vincenzo ‘Santo’ on Dogs Of War), Vincenzo/Enzo ‘Sid’ Bianco (bass) were the members; they were from Alassio (between Genua and Monaco). The music is newwave-ish melodic punkrock. Some people said they reminded them a bit of ‘The Cure’. Others referred to ‘The Ruts’ or ‘The Members’.

This tape was released on Edizione Storie Tese – the tape-label ran by Roberto De Capitani (bassist of ‘Noisenoisenoise’) and friends – that released 2 more tapes of them. In 1986 the band did a 12″. The band with the same name that appeared on a few compilations [Bollox to The Gonads – Here’s the Testicles (1984) & Punk Territory, Volume 6: North America Hardcore 1982-85 (1986)] was the American ‘Savage Circle’. The tracks Dogs Of War & Shark are also on the German compilation-LP Life Is A Joke.

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