Generic (UK) From Eviction To Uprising; tape (1990)


side A: Ugly Heads / Cornered / Oldest Trick In The Book / In Time / Take It! / Looking For Answers / Smile Dozer / Respect / (Time To) Jump

side B: Angry Silence / (A) Violation ( Of Personal Space) / Stop — Cornered / Oldest Trick In The Book / Smile Dozer / Ugly Heads / Respect / In Time

This tape was distributed by Nabate (Liège, Belgium) as a benefit for the people who were arrested during the eviction (90-05-27) of the W.N.C. (Wolters Noordhoff Complex) squat in Groningen, The Netherlands; a place that hosted quite a few HC/punk gigs in the second half of the 80s.

Generic were from Newcaste (upon Tyne). The (live) recordings date from April 1989, not too long before the band ceased to exist. Performing here were ‘Wizz’ Michael Wise (vocals), ‘Sned’ (drums), Nick(y) Evans & Sarah Smith (bass). This was the line-up that recorded the Torched 7″ (March ’89). Soon after ‘Sned’ formed ‘Pleasant Valley Children’; Sarah filled on bass on their 1990 Euro-tour and later played in ‘Bugeyed’. ‘Generic’s last release was the split-10″ with ‘Pleasant Valley Children’ that contained the songs of their first demo…

Read also this interview from 1988 in the Dutch zine Kaboem…

My review of their 7″ Torched (Tilt! #5) goes as follows: >>This ended up as a farewell. It’s very good and much more tuneful than their earlier stuff. Intelligent lyrics. Underrated!<<

‘Generic’ (courtesy of Andrew Bayles)

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