S.N.F.U. (Can) live (Jette, Bel, 88-12-18)



The Gravedigger / (Welcome To) My Humble Life Of Disarray / Time To Buy A Futon / Seeing Life Through The Bottom Of A Bottle / The Quest For Fun / Better Homes And Gardens / Thee Maul That Heats Peephole / She’s Not On The Menu / G.I. Joe Gets Angry With Human Kind / Where’s My Legs? / What Good Hollywood? / Cannibal Cafe / I Used To Write Songs / Black Cloud / In The First Place / Misfortune / Tears  — Gimme Some Water / And No One Else Wanted To Play / (Victims Of The) Womanizer

Another one from Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt’s collection. Though he didn’t attend this one (‘The Accüsed’ was playing in Ghent). This Smurfpunx show might’ve been recorded by ‘Phantom’ Jean Ducat (of the Charleroi Slam Crew)… It happened in Jette (Brussels) because our regular venue was not available. Other bands that played were ‘The Ewings’ (Ger), ‘Dr Rat’ (Ger) & the local ‘Mental Disturbance’ (Bel). (88-12-18)

‘S.N.F.U.’s singer ‘Chi Pig’ was quite ill that evening but the band’s performance was still very intense and they lasted for about an hour… In the band (‘Society’s No Fucking Use’, from Edmonton, Canada) at that time were: vocalist Kendall ‘Ken’ Chinn a.k.a. ‘Mr. Chi Pig’, the twin-brothers Brent and Marc Belke (both guitar), drummer Ted Simm and bass-player Curtis Creager. This first European tour happened around the time of the release of their LP Better Than A Stick In The Eye (recorded the summer before that tour).

Here’s some video-footage of their show in Bielefeld (Germany) on that tour: I Forget & Tears (live), and a conversation. Also my French buddy Jeannot published a written interview in his zine. The pomo-pics below (1985) were kindly donated by Veerle Brion…

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