Impact (Ita) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-22)


Track-list (courtesy of Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante):

(0:38) Instrumental intro (‘Gigo’: “Honestly, I have no memories of this song. Maybe it’s an improvisation or an ‘intro’ that we never played again. Probably it was the only time this instrumental song was recorded.”) / (03:30) Non C’è Pace Per Noi [There’s No Peace For Us] / (05:56) Alienazione Sistematica [Systematic Alienation] / (08:51) Solo Odio [Only Hate] / (10:30) Dolci Sensazioni [Sweet Sensations] / (12:20) Processo Di Vita [Life-Process] / (15:15) La Vostra Violenza [Your Violence] / (16:37) La Tua Eterna Illusione [Your Eternal Illusion] / (18:20) Realtà Mutabili [Mutable Reality] / (20:11) Non Puoi Giudicare [You Can’t Judge] / (21:53) Morte Chimica [Chemical Death] / (23:19) Sulla Loro Croce [On Their Cross] / (25:21) Delitto Legale [Legal Crime] / (27:58) Governo [Government] / (29:08) L’Uomo Procede [Man(kind) Proceeds] / (30:53) La Lettera [The Letter] / (34:50) L’Odio Cresce Ancora [The Hatred Is Still Growing] / (36:19) Deboli Ai Vostri Occhi [Weak In Your Eyes] / (38:32) Eroi [Heroes] / (39:34) Polizia [Police] / (41:19) Ribellione [Rebellion] (interrupted)


These recordings (courtesy of Kurt Christiaens) are from a gig that Werner Excelmans (R.I.P.), of Hageland Hardcore, organised (86-06-22) in his hometown. That day ‘Impact’ played with ‘Scream’ (USA) & ‘W.D.M.’ (Fin). ‘Bollie Heibel’ interviewed them there for Peace Or Annihilation zine…

That year (1986) ‘Kina’s Sergio Milani released the album Attraverso L’Involucro on his label Blu Bus. Impact (from Ferrara), at that time, was Diego Fabbri (bass; taking over from ‘Bistek’), Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante (drums), ‘Janz’ Stefano Ragazzi (guitar), ‘Bistek’ Massimo Ragazzi (vocals; replacing Andrea ‘Infa’). Nowadays Diego is in ‘A New Scar’ (together with ‘Bone’ Stefano Bonanni, ex ‘Eu’s Arse’ & ‘Upset Noise’). The songs they play here are from that LP, from the Solo Odio album (’85) and from their split-LP with ‘Eu’s Arse’ (’83)…


‘Impact’ played in Scherpenheuvel in June 1986 indeed. This was the only time we played in Belgium during the 1980s. We had never heard recordings of that gig before but (for emotional/personal reasons) we wellcome a copy. We’re pleased that you publish that registration on your website, especially because it’s available to everyone for free.

Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante

Photos taken by ‘Phantom’ (R.I.P.), kindly donated by Roberto Descloux:

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