Lärm (Hol) live (Tielt, Bel, 87-03-28)


Tracks (with help of Paul & Jos * recordings courtesy of Kurt Christiaens):

Sheer Mountains / Animals Have Feelings Too / Bubba’s Revenge / Troubled Mind / Start / Metal Attitude Sucks / Settled / Negative Approach / Russian Lie (later re-named to Move to Russia) / Woensdrecht / Drunk Freak / Puppets On A String / Sheer Mountains / Animals Have Feelings Too / Non-Conformity / Mouth Full Of Teeth / Wodka / It’s Up To You / Negative Approach / Somewhere Over The Rainbow / Bubba’s Revenge


I think I saw ‘Lärm’ for the first time during the first Smurfpunx concert-night (85-12-21) at the Roxy in Dendermonde (together with ‘Combat Not Conform’, ‘Funeral Oration’ and some other bands). Their earlier gigs in Belgium – 84-06-30 (@ Paradox in Antwerp) & 84-12-15 (in Zichem) – had been out of my range at that time. I developped a lively correspondence with Paul and organised this gig here in my hometown (before I joined the Smurfpunx collective): 87-03-28 (they played together with ‘Heibel’ & ‘Hate Crew’). Later that summer I saw them back during their U.K. tour with ‘Heibel’ & ‘Heresy’. I also interviewed vocalist Menno & guitarist Paul for my fanzine (‘Lärm’ interview in Tilt! #3).

At the time of this show they had the Campaign For Musical Destruction split-LP (with ‘Stanx’) out, the Straight On View album & the 7″ No One Can Be That Dumb. Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights (7″) was going to be recorded September ’87. The band-members were Jos Houtveen (bass), Menno van Gaalen (vocals), Olav Van Den Berg (drums) & Paul Van Den Berg (guitar).

My review of Straight On View (Tilt! #3): >>In a letter he wrote, Menno demanded (haha) that I did a review… I can’t refuse them anything after their great performance in Tielt. Yes, sometimes it sounds a bit out of tune and yes, the production could’ve been better… “Booh, booh!”, I hear them yelling. “What do we care!.” What is important is the energy and the decent lyrics. Well there’s no lacks of these on this album. When you turn up the volume, you get the urge to jump around like a madman ‘specially if you already experienced them live… Lyrics… Well read them (and the interview). There’s no less than 29 different on the sheet and they’re all worthwhile. This LP reflects the real punk-spitit!<<

About Nothing Is Hard… (Tilt! #4): >>These guys always said music wasn’t the most important thing but people pin-pointed them on their fast noise-core. That’s also what you hear on this (13 songs). What people usually didn ‘t see was their lyrics. Perhaps you read them, mostly you don’t act like you understand them! Yes, their music is wild and ranging but it certainly isn’t the only reason why they exist. Try again!? Listen to them, to what they have to say…<<

‘Lärm’ – Paul / Jos / Menno / Olav (1987)

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