>>A Short Commercial Break<< (various) compilation (1986)


This was the first compilation on the (German) Koma tape-label. This was done by Thorsten Zahn from Kamen & Holger Schmidt (singer of ‘Grinning Kids’) from Bergkamen. They also did Hustensaft zine. Some of their other tapes were named The Wrong Way To Use A Gun, Things Are Dissolving Now, and Does Every Sound Have A Meaning? There’s also live-recordings of ‘Youth Of Today’ in Germany (1989). Nowadays Holger is running Amok recs (Dortmund). The tape is part of Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection. Cheers to him for the contribution.

(booklet below)

side Aside B

Äni(X)Väx (Münster, Ger): Steve Jeske (drums; later Henk Hakker/Matthias Hirzel), Adam Riese & ‘Matu’ (vocals), ‘Zank’ Carsten Krystofiak (bass), Frank Naber (guitar), ‘Fast Gonzo’ Gero Wiedemuth (guitar)

Asocial (Hedemora, Swe): ‘Tompa’ Tomas Andersson (bass), ‘Kungen’ Håkan Aspnäs (drums; later ‘Jonken’ Johan Jansson), Mats ‘Svenne’ Svensson (guitar; also Distad fanzine), Tommy Berggren (vocals) [Håkan & Mats did Distad fanzine and Dis-Tapes]

(The) Bedrövlerz (Fagersta, Swe): Fredrik ‘Fredda Frivolt’ Brickman (guitar/vocals), ‘Hängpung’ [hanging scrotum] Håkan (drums; R.I.P.) => Marko Vuorinen, Micke ‘Bedrövlig’ (bass) [‘Fredda’ did Ayatollah fanzine with Peter Ahlqvist of Uproar recs/Burning Heart recs]

Bluttat (Mühlheim, Ger): ‘Atti’ Anja Mülders (vocals), Hans-Uwe Koch (bass), Jörg Ramin (guitar), Ralf Mertingk (drums)

(The) Boikottz (Hamburg, Ger): Ander (drums), Christian Claussen (guitar), Jan (vocals), Lemmi (guitar), ‘Frankie’ Dorthe Kühl/Stephan Schlanske (bass)

Ceresit 81 (Berlin, Ger): ‘Jeusel’/Ralf Herrmann (drums), Daniel Hansch (bass), Marcus Renner (keyboards), Marcel Fery (guitar/vocals), ‘Skunky’/Sven (guitar)

Fallout (La Spezia, Ita): Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ De Ruggiero (bass), Giampaolo Vigna (drums), Marco Rinaldi (guitar), ‘Benzo’ Renzo Daveti (guitar)

Meine Schuppen (Hamburg, Ger): ‘Napoleon’ Frank Crisan (bass), ‘Rex’ Gerd Gard (drums), ‘Rasputin’ Gerd Sulfrin (guitar), Fred Schauma (guitar/organ), ‘Robespiere’ Rob Garnier (vocals/guitar)

Offensive Weapon (Presteigne, Wales, UK): Twizz(le) (vocals), Mike/Thommo (guitar), Martin (bass), John/Alec (drums)

R.A.F. Gier (Münster, Ger): Michael ‘Eni’ Enenkel (bass), Michael Rolle (guitar), ‘Ralle’ Ralf Plaschke (vocals), Wolfgang ‘Wolle’ Schröder (drums)

ST-37 (Sarstedt, Ger): Hachy Hachmeister (drums), Marcus Wichary (guitar/vocals), ‘Alki’ (bass), Iska (vocals), ‘Schorse’ (guitar), ‘Abdul W. Clozz’ (guitar) [Michael Max = Rawilli recs; 6er Pack zine]

Störaktion (Herne, Ger): Herbert Dee jr (?), Wotan Wilke Möhring (guitar/vocals)

Viva La Mort (Unna, Ger): Ralf Gräwe (drums), Michael (guitar), Holger (vocals), ‘Gamasche’ (bass)

Wut (Langenfeld, Ger): Holger Kammermeyer (bass), Jörg Gawlyta (drums), Oli(ver) Galbierz (guitar), ‘Schetty’ Peter Schettina (vocals)


I started the tape-label with Achim Hicking who later was one of the owners of Trashmark, a well-known merchandise-factory for loads of punk and hardcore bands. Thorsten Zahn came on board after Achim moved to Berlin… ‘Viva La Mort’ were from my region; never officially released anything. They recorded tracks in a studio but never put out a demo for sale.

Holger Schmidt

A Short Commercial Break was done by me, myself and I, not by anybody else or together with someone else. After the third Koma tapes release, I agreed with Holger Schmidt to continue together with him but that almost never really happened.

Achim Hicking

We [‘Wut’] did two tracks (Eigene Hölle & Krieg Gegen Frauen) in ’86 with ‘Fisch’ (Stefan Dörsch) as drummer. The  ones here are studio-versions, they’ve been done in ’84…our first recordings.

Oli ‘Dread’ Galbierz

We [‘Bedrövlerz’] tried to re-unite like 10 years ago, practiced 10 times and broke up again…

Fredrik Brickman

‘Störaktion’s guitarist Wotan Wilke Möhring became a real well-known TV-Star in Germany, playing in the crime-series Tatort (“crimespot”) that was on the German TV-channel ARD.

Helge Schreiber

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  1. This is really cool. I also was never aware that one guy of the bands turned into such a popular actor. I usually enjoy watching him act. Thanks for posting this, Brob Tilt.


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