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>>Get Yourself A Splitting Headache<< (various) compilation (1986)


A compilation released by ‘Disgust’s singer Johan Thijssen on his tape-label Splitting Headache tapes.

From Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…

side Aside B

Abaddon (Bydgoszcs, Pol): ‘Lutek’ Tomasz Frost (bass), Tom(asz) Dorn (drums), ‘Benju’ Bernard Szarafiński (guitar), ‘Kiki’ Waldemar Jędyczowski (vocals)

Anti-Dogmatikss (Barcelona, Spa): ‘Poly’ Josep Urpí Gausachs (vocals; also bass in ‘L’Odi Social‘), Fernando ‘Ferran’ (guitar; R.I.P.; did the fanzine Melodías Destruktoras with his brother Joni ‘Destruye’), ‘Sisa’ Narcís Gelador (bass; Plasma fanzine), Manel (drums; who replaced original drummer Carlos). By the time of their second tape (No Olimpicos) they had a new drummer (‘Legal’) and vocalist (‘Ripoll’).

Deformed (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David/Dave Bloor (guitar), Gaz Mennel (drums), Peter Bloor (vocals) [Adrian, David & Peter were in ‘Cress’ later on]

The Dirty Scums (Tielt, Bel): ‘Pik’ Bart D’Ooghe (guitar/vocals), ‘Jenz’ Chris Lannoo (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), ‘Zjantie’ Jan Den Baes (drums)

Disgust (Venlo, Ned): Pieter De Swart (guitar; later ‘Gore’), Martin van Kleef (drums; later ‘Gore’), Maurice (bass) & Johan Thijssen (vocals)

D.T.A.L. (Dr Tjock And Atomligan) [Dr. Fat And The Atomic Gang] (Landskrona, Swe): ‘Snutte’ Jerry Kronqvist (bass), Mats ‘Lankan’ Landgren (drums; also ‘The Bristles’), Lars ‘Måe’ Malmsten (guitar), Patrik ‘Nelle’ Wåhlin (vocals)

Extrem (Vienna, Öst): Dieter Hauptmann/Claudio Delise (guitar/vocals), Daniela Delise/Dierk Rossiwall (bass), Peter Zinner (drums), Helmut ‘Heiland’ Hejtmanek (guitar)

No Brain Cells (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David/Dave Bloor (vocals/drums), Peter Bloor (?)

Rejestracja (Toruń, Pol): ‘Kuleczka’ Leszek Zawrot (bass), Tomasz Siatka (drums), Tomasz ‘Murek’ Murawski (guitar), ‘Gelo’ Grzegorz Sakerski (vocals)

Scapegoats (Kiel, Ger): ‘Kalle Stietzel’ Karl-Heinz Tolkmit (drums; Anti-System fanzine/Noise Attack tape), Ulf Nagel (guitar/vocals), Olav Nielsen (bass) [later Henning Prochnow sang; Oliver Wacha, from Oberhausen, ran Dissonance recs]

U.K. Raina [later ‘Ukrania’] (Brzozów, Pol): ???

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar) Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums)


The band is called ‘Ukraina’; ‘U.K. Raina’ was onsly briefly used. Our last concert in was in May 1986 (Club Bakalarz, Krakow): Grzesiek Adamowski (guitra/vocals), Mietek Czytajlo (bass) and Grzesiek Gawroński (drums). Pawel Rataj was our manager in 1984/85.

Mietek (ukrainapunkrock1983)

We had some live tapes of ‘No Brain Cells’ but that’s all it was: an ever changing line-up; whoever was there did something, I mostly shouted but did drums sometimes – whatever you wanted to do went…

Dave ‘Cress’

The recordings were most likely taken off the 1984 demo. Claudio and I only joined the band afterwards. The main singer until ‘86 was Helmut.

Dierk Rossiwall (‘Extrem’)

For the tracks on that compilation the line-up should be ‘Måe’ (guitar), ‘Nelle’ (drums), ‘Snutte’  (bass) & ‘Fredde’ Fredrik Anderberg (vocals). In 1986 (the time of the tape) we didn’t have that contact-address, the one mentioned was only used for a short time in the beginning of 1984. Our later bands: I was in ‘Warmonger’, ‘Shitbreed’, ‘The Negatives’, ‘Lord In Vein’. ‘Nelle’ was in ‘Mangler’, ‘Fredde’ in ‘The Negatives’ and ‘Snutte’ ‘ in ‘Hysteriah’.

Lars ‘Måe’ Malmsten (‘D.T.A.L.’)

Shutdown (UK) promo (1992)



Monday Mornings / Day To Day / Rebound / Out Of Place / Just Another Drink

I saw ‘Shutdown’ at the Vort’n Vis (93-05-16) when they were touring with their (and my) friends of ‘Decadence Within’. In ’91 they did a demo and a self-titled 12″ for the label Off The Disk recs (ran by ‘Fear Of God’s singer Erich ‘Megawimp’ Keller’s). I helped distributing the latter…

This band from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire played touching, melodic but energetic HC. My review in Tilt! #7 mentions “cool riffs, surprising breaks” and “moving vocals”. The guys were Chris(tian) Burton (bass; also ‘Terrorain’), Neil Cox (vocals/guitar; later in ‘Thirty Six Strategies’ with ‘Decadence Within’ bassist Ian ‘Slug’ Glasper), Rob(ert) Chumbley (guitar) and Stephen ‘Danny’ Daniels (drums/vocals). Their name was taken from a ‘Project X’ song but their music was not exactly NY SxE HC; references were made to ‘Can’t Decide’, ‘Samiam’, ‘Leatherface’, ‘Snuff’, etc. “with a strong DC influence”…

The tracks on this promo appeared on their album Emits A Real Bronx Cheer (’95). In between they also released a 7″ entitled Sheltered Homes (’94).


I also was in another band with Chris & Rob called ‘Transmissions’, kind of like ‘Hoover’, post HC…

Neil Cox

Crowd Of Isolated (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-04-29)


part 1: Hear It / Mr. Tear [appeared on the Small Bands Big Sound compilation-7″] / Run ‘Till Death / Bad Actor / How Nice Of You / Cold Dark World / Fragment Of Hope / My Friend / Confession [‘Gurke’: “A working title, I guess … song thrown away”] / Don’t Stop My Fight / Freedom / (In A) Field Of Roses [from the compilation-LP Remember The 90s; indicated as Land Of Dreams on the set-list] / Side By Side

part 2: Reality / Woman / Under Pressure / We Are Artists [from the Life Is Change compilation-LP] / Must [‘Gurke’: “Could hardly figure out how it was called…”] / How Nice Of You / Land Of Dreams

The Own Love Song…

Another registration of a Smurfpunx show, courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. 88-04-29 ‘Crowd Of Isolated’ played together with the Norwegian ‘So Much Hate’ and the local ‘Rough Justice’. The band (from Saarbrücken) – Peter ‘Guschtel’ Gundal (guitar), Jürgen Thiel (drums) and the Kammer-bros Claus (bass) & Michael ‘Gurke’ (vocals) – was picked up by Armin Hofmann of X-Mist recs (ex-‘Skeezicks’) who released their 2 albums and 7″.

Before that, the band had released a tape (Blow Up Your Chains, 1986). I Try To Tell About A Way… was recorded November ’87, Bad Actors (7″) was released in September ’88, and Memories And Scars in 1990.

Also read this interview (1988) with Michael ‘Crowd Of Isolated‘.


We were inspired by so much bands at that time. That punk thing, ya know: “I can’t play any instrument but let’s start a band!”. And we were getting better and better at it. Not as good as the bands we loved (‘Scream’, ‘Gray Matter’, ‘Rites Of Spring’, ‘Spermbirds’, ‘NoMeansNo, etc.), but still quite good… It was a great time!

A few of the tracks we played here, were just try-outs, stuff we thought and talked about, tried again and threw it the garbage-can, to write new ones…

Michael Kammer


‘Crowd Of Isolated’ (L => R: ‘Guschtel’ – Claus – ‘Gurke’ – Jürgen); 90-01-06 @ Phoenix, Westerlo (Bel) – source unknown


Neuroot (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-03-13)



Broken Will / Politicians / Nightmare Of Humanity / The Church = IV Roman Empire / Going Mad / Hungry Children / State Brain / The End / Ignorant / World War III / Heavy Metals / The Lie (They Call The Truth) / The Spark (Of Hate) / S.D.I.Curse Of Wealth / (Wir Sind) Die Ratten Vom Müll [(We Are) The Rats From The Dump] / Going Mad

(recordings courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt)

On 88-03-13 ‘Neuroot’ played a benefit-show that Smurfpunx organised. I’d gotten to know their bassist Marcel Stol through booking tours: he was active in the wellknown Goudvishal in Arnhem. At that time, the others in the band were guitarist Ed ‘Etje’ van Dalen, singer Wouter Nordhoff & drummer Ben (Jaco).

Neuroot’ had recorded their LP Plead Insanity (out on Hageland recs) a few months before this (December 1987; they played a Hageland Hardcore show on 87-10-04). Earlier (1983) they did a tape entitled Macht Kaputt Wass Euch Kaputt Macht [Destroy What Brings You Down] (co-released by Mat of Limbabwe). Their 7″ Right Is Might was released in ’86.

They toured the UK in December 1988 and then split up. Nowadays the band is revived again…