Crowd Of Isolated (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-04-29)


part 1: Hear It / Mr. Tear [appeared on the Small Bands Big Sound compilation-7″] / Run ‘Till Death / Bad Actor / How Nice Of You / Cold Dark World / Fragment Of Hope / My Friend / Confession [‘Gurke’: “A working title, I guess … song thrown away”] / Don’t Stop My Fight / Freedom / (In A) Field Of Roses [from the compilation-LP Remember The 90s; indicated as Land Of Dreams on the set-list] / Side By Side

part 2: Reality / Woman / Under Pressure / We Are Artists [from the Life Is Change compilation-LP] / Must [‘Gurke’: “Could hardly figure out how it was called…”] / How Nice Of You / Land Of Dreams

The Own Love Song…

Another registration of a Smurfpunx show, courtesy of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. 88-04-29 ‘Crowd Of Isolated’ played together with the Norwegian ‘So Much Hate’ and the local ‘Rough Justice’. The band (from Saarbrücken) – Peter ‘Guschtel’ Gundal (guitar), Jürgen Thiel (drums) and the Kammer-bros Claus (bass) & Michael ‘Gurke’ (vocals) – was picked up by Armin Hofmann of X-Mist recs (ex-‘Skeezicks’) who released their 2 albums and 7″.

Before that, the band had released a tape (Blow Up Your Chains, 1986). I Try To Tell About A Way… was recorded November ’87, Bad Actors (7″) was released in September ’88, and Memories And Scars in 1990.

Also read this interview (1988) with Michael ‘Crowd Of Isolated‘.


We were inspired by so much bands at that time. That punk thing, ya know: “I can’t play any instrument but let’s start a band!”. And we were getting better and better at it. Not as good as the bands we loved (‘Scream’, ‘Gray Matter’, ‘Rites Of Spring’, ‘Spermbirds’, ‘NoMeansNo, etc.), but still quite good… It was a great time!

A few of the tracks we played here, were just try-outs, stuff we thought and talked about, tried again and threw it the garbage-can, to write new ones…

Michael Kammer


‘Crowd Of Isolated’ (L => R: ‘Guschtel’ – Claus – ‘Gurke’ – Jürgen); 90-01-06 @ Phoenix, Westerlo (Bel) – source unknown


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