>>Get Yourself A Splitting Headache<< (various) compilation (1986)


A compilation released by ‘Disgust’s singer Johan Thijssen on his tape-label Splitting Headache tapes.

From Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection…

side Aside B

Abaddon (Bydgoszcs, Pol): ‘Lutek’ Tomasz Frost (bass), Tom(asz) Dorn (drums), ‘Benju’ Bernard Szarafiński (guitar), ‘Kiki’ Waldemar Jędyczowski (vocals)

Anti-Dogmatikss (Barcelona, Spa): ‘Poly’ Josep Urpí Gausachs (vocals; also bass in ‘L’Odi Social‘), Fernando ‘Ferran’ (guitar; R.I.P.; did the fanzine Melodías Destruktoras with his brother Joni ‘Destruye’), ‘Sisa’ Narcís Gelador (bass; Plasma fanzine), Manel (drums; who replaced original drummer Carlos). By the time of their second tape (No Olimpicos) they had a new drummer (‘Legal’) and vocalist (‘Ripoll’).

Deformed (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David/Dave Bloor (guitar), Gaz Mennel (drums), Peter Bloor (vocals) [Adrian, David & Peter were in ‘Cress’ later on]

The Dirty Scums (Tielt, Bel): ‘Pik’ Bart D’Ooghe (guitar/vocals), ‘Jenz’ Chris Lannoo (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), ‘Zjantie’ Jan Den Baes (drums)

Disgust (Venlo, Ned): Pieter De Swart (guitar; later ‘Gore’), Martin van Kleef (drums; later ‘Gore’), Maurice (bass) & Johan Thijssen (vocals)

D.T.A.L. (Dr Tjock And Atomligan) [Dr. Fat And The Atomic Gang] (Landskrona, Swe): ‘Snutte’ Jerry Kronqvist (bass), Mats ‘Lankan’ Landgren (drums; also ‘The Bristles’), Lars ‘Måe’ Malmsten (guitar), Patrik ‘Nelle’ Wåhlin (vocals)

Extrem (Vienna, Öst): Dieter Hauptmann/Claudio Delise (guitar/vocals), Daniela Delise/Dierk Rossiwall (bass), Peter Zinner (drums), Helmut ‘Heiland’ Hejtmanek (guitar)

No Brain Cells (Lowton, UK): Adrian ‘Joe’ Oakes (bass), David/Dave Bloor (vocals/drums), Peter Bloor (?)

Rejestracja (Toruń, Pol): ‘Kuleczka’ Leszek Zawrot (bass), Tomasz Siatka (drums), Tomasz ‘Murek’ Murawski (guitar), ‘Gelo’ Grzegorz Sakerski (vocals)

Scapegoats (Kiel, Ger): ‘Kalle Stietzel’ Karl-Heinz Tolkmit (drums; Anti-System fanzine/Noise Attack tape), Ulf Nagel (guitar/vocals), Olav Nielsen (bass) [later Henning Prochnow sang; Oliver Wacha, from Oberhausen, ran Dissonance recs]

U.K. Raina [later ‘Ukrania’] (Brzozów, Pol): ???

Verdun (Rouen, Fra): ‘Eva’ Laurence Gaudot (vocals; R.I.P.), Jean-Luc (guitar) Karl ‘9000’ (bass), Kurt Weimer (drums)


The band is called ‘Ukraina’; ‘U.K. Raina’ was onsly briefly used. Our last concert in was in May 1986 (Club Bakalarz, Krakow): Grzesiek Adamowski (guitra/vocals), Mietek Czytajlo (bass) and Grzesiek Gawroński (drums). Pawel Rataj was our manager in 1984/85.

Mietek (ukrainapunkrock1983)

We had some live tapes of ‘No Brain Cells’ but that’s all it was: an ever changing line-up; whoever was there did something, I mostly shouted but did drums sometimes – whatever you wanted to do went…

Dave ‘Cress’

The recordings were most likely taken off the 1984 demo. Claudio and I only joined the band afterwards. The main singer until ‘86 was Helmut.

Dierk Rossiwall (‘Extrem’)

For the tracks on that compilation the line-up should be ‘Måe’ (guitar), ‘Nelle’ (drums), ‘Snutte’  (bass) & ‘Fredde’ Fredrik Anderberg (vocals). In 1986 (the time of the tape) we didn’t have that contact-address, the one mentioned was only used for a short time in the beginning of 1984. Our later bands: I was in ‘Warmonger’, ‘Shitbreed’, ‘The Negatives’, ‘Lord In Vein’. ‘Nelle’ was in ‘Mangler’, ‘Fredde’ in ‘The Negatives’ and ‘Snutte’ ‘ in ‘Hysteriah’.

Lars ‘Måe’ Malmsten (‘D.T.A.L.’)

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