Raw Power (Ita) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-06)



Intro / Don’t Let Me See It / I Don’t Wanna See Your Face / Bastard / What Have We Done / Start A Fight / You Are The Victim / Army / Hate / We Shall Overcome / Politicians / Power / No Card / Is There Anything You Like / Factory [Fabbrica] / What For / Nihilist / Shut Up / I Do What I Like / Raw Power / Police Police / … / … / Joe’s The Best / Fuck Authority / We’re Gonna Die

First ever show of ‘Raw Power‘ in Belgium – organised by Werner Excelmans (for the 1st time in the big venue in his hometown), on 86-06-06; together with ‘Negazione’, ‘No Pigs’ & ‘Cyclone’. Recordings courtesy of Kurt Christiaens.

This was the year their LP After Your Brain was released so I believe the band played here with Helder Stefanini (drums); Maurizio Dodi (bass; or was it ‘Ale’ Alessandro Paolucci?), Giuseppe Codeluppi (guitar; R.I.P.) & Silvio Stefanini (guitar; or was it Davide Devoti?). I don’t see Mauro Codeluppi (vocals) on the pictures though… [In an interview that appeared in the Belgian zine Het Schandaal #10, ‘Stel’ mentions that Mauro wasn’t present – a problem with his vocal chords or his job…]


The pictures show Silvio (lead-guitar), Giuseppe (rhythm-guitar), ‘Ale’ (bass) and Helder (drums). I thought I recognised my voice in the songs but then again I could be wrong: on the photos there’s no one near a mic! Maybe it’s just my brother singing with Silvio?

Mauro Codeluppi


A few years later I got some records and a comprehensive promo-pack in the mail from the label Sonic Attack that was promoting ‘Raw Power’. Here’s a few clippings from that:



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