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S.Y.C. (Bel) promo (1996)


Tracks: Fading / Down Inside / Nothing Remains / Lost / Struggle

This promo-tape contains live recordings of ‘S.Y.C.’s first performance in a new line-up. Originally the name was an acronym for “stupid yuppie culture” (the first band-name was ‘Pink Overdose’)… The band (from Ekeren, near Antwerp) consisted of Jeroen De Vriese (guitar; later ‘Bliksem’ & ‘Knalhart‘), Ive ‘Doom’ Pelser (bass), Joris ‘Pebbles’ Pauwels (drums), ‘P.C.’ Pieter Coolen (guitar; nowadays ‘Toxic Shock’), Stefan Faes (vocals) & Kris Delacourt (vocals; also ‘Stifled Cries’). Later on they did the Growing Distance 7” (Funtime recs ’98), a studio-demo entitled Nothing Remains ‎(self-released in ’99) with these tracks here and some extra; and a split-7” with ‘JR Ewing’ (Evaluating Pathetic Sacrifices; Funtime recs ’99).

Music-wise references to ‘Acme’ & ‘Rorschach’ were made. They dubbed it “screamy emo anger” (not sXe) with personal lyrics themselves…

Here’s the review I wrote for Tilt! #9: >>Another young band from the Antwerp area that plays mosh-metal-core. And, dammit, they do it well. Atmopsheric intros, excellent drumming that rolls against your chestlike a storm over a dike, thundering/thereatening guitar-riffs and 2 vocalists screaming desperately (pessimist personal lyrics). These here are live recordings so one has to turn the volume quite a bit up. I saw them play once and they sounded quite tight. No posers!<<

(old line-up; L => R: PC, Dela, JDV, Faes & Yves Peeters)

Season (Fra) demo (1996)



I believe Kathleen (and/or Gilles) of the band ‘Anomie’ introduced me to Sandro Cargnelli,  who gave/sent me this tape… He also did a little distro. ‘Season’ was a band from Caen (Normandy, France) with Alain Demaine (bass; in a later stage), Alexis Dectot (drums), Pierre Goubard (guitar; bass on the demo) & Sandro Cargnelli (vocals). Sandro & Alexis had been in ‘Cause & Effect‘, Pierre would later be in ‘Amanda Woodward’. In 1998 they recorded tracks for a self-titled 7″ on Christope Mora’s label Stonehenge recs. At one time there was also split-7″ planned with ‘Cobalt 62’ (on the French label Revolution) but as far as I know that didn’t work out…

The review in Tilt! #9 goes: >>”Another one of those French screaming emo-bands.” This sounds a lot more disrespectful than it’s intended; actually I like this a lot! Their shredding power-chords almost rip your soul apart. Their sound is rougher than that of ‘Anomie’ but therefore not less effective. If the vocals (full of angst and despair) leave you untouched you must be inhuman… Songs about how our society deals with love and sex. Very promising!<<


No Sense (Hol) promo (1992)


“Cool huh, those stickers?” I hope the tape holds out; Léon copied it.”

“Tape-quality = zero. Polish import. Copy straight away.”

side B (1991): Limbo / Rules Rule / Limbo / Watjes [wimps]

side A (1992): No One’s Real Until He’s Gone / Dream On / Hau Rein [dig in] / Mmmh!!! / Anti-nazi Song / Courage — songs from the 7″

Eric Hellebrand sent me this promo-tape so that I could help his band get gigs. They ended up playing the Vort’n Vis (92-04-18)…

‘No Sense’ were from The Netherlands (Vaals, Limburg province). The guys in the band were Eric (bass), Har(ald) Brosselt (vocals; also guitar for ‘F.T.F.’), Roy Moonen (drums) and Léon Kleikers (guitar). They were labeled a “fun-hardcore” band but they were more that just about fun. Eric’s favourite bands were ‘No Means No’ & ‘Victims Family’, so you get an idea of how they sounded… They recorded a tape (entitled Mmmh!!!-Bleeeaaagh) late 1990 and released a 7” (Ruminating Small Fry) in 1993. ‘No Sense’ had also a track on Rob Franssen’s compilation-tape (Something To Dance To).

Review of the Mmmh!!!-Bleeeaaagh tape in Tilt! #7: >>I go wild when I hear this!!! Playful, funny, fingerquick, technical,…are all adjectives that suit the music of this Dutch equivalent of ‘Spazztic Blurr’. The basis is HC but it’s decorated with various bits from different influential sources: rap, grind, samba (or is it salsa?), folk, flamenco, music-box, metal, jazz, etc. There’s tempo-changes, there’s breaks, you never know what’s coming next; in short: it’a a feast for the ears! Vocals in Dutch; lyrics filled with irony. I want more!!!<<

Review of the Ruminating Small Fry 7″ in Tilt! #8: >>These guys (especially the bass-player) sure master their instruments. Playful, extremely varied HC spiced with various bits borrowed from different styles (samba/salsa, funk, hiphop, disco). The rhythm changes constantly. Intelligent lyrics (morality, fascism, anorexia,…) with a humourous touch. The HC-scene needs more great bands like this!<<

Verbal Assault (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-10-01)



0:00 Anger Battery / 4:25 Understand / 8:05 Our Illusions / 13:20 Exile / 17:38 Trial / 19:50 Heal / 24:10 Search / 29:16 On / 33:48 More Than Music / 37:12 Immersion

These recordings were made my Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt during their Smurfpunx show on 89-10-01 (a bill with the Californian ‘Lethal Gospel’ and the British bands ‘H.D.Q.’ & ‘The Abs’. The summer before this tour the band had recorded their 12″, entitled On. During this (second European) tour ‘Verbal Assault‘ was: Pete Chramiec (guitar), Christopher Jones (vocals), Doug Ernest (drums) and Darren Mock (bass, No Loitering fanzine; replacing Dylan Roy).

Tobby Holzinger released the recordings of their show at the Oberhaus in Alzey (Germany; 89-10-28) for his Your Choice Live Series. Also the show in Zgorzelec (Poland, 89-10-14) was released on tape. Our mate René Harks did an Interview with ‘Verbal Assault’ in the Dutch fanzine Lucky 13 #1.

Review of the 12” EP On in Tilt! #5: >>In Metal Hammer (haha!) this was described as “more metal than ‘Fugazi’…”. I think these guys hear metal everywhere. But is does remind of ‘Fugazi’ in some places (because of the reggae-ish rhythm). For me it’s very powerful emo-core driven by an extremely great guitar-sound. Lyrics describe such simple and complex things as feelings and emotions. Live they kick ass and this slab is a reflection of this.<<