Verbal Assault (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 89-10-01)



0:00 Anger Battery / 4:25 Understand / 8:05 Our Illusions / 13:20 Exile / 17:38 Trial / 19:50 Heal / 24:10 Search / 29:16 On / 33:48 More Than Music / 37:12 Immersion

These recordings were made my Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt during their Smurfpunx show on 89-10-01 (a bill with the Californian ‘Lethal Gospel’ and the British bands ‘H.D.Q.’ & ‘The Abs’. The summer before this tour the band had recorded their 12″, entitled On. During this (second European) tour ‘Verbal Assault‘ was: Pete Chramiec (guitar), Christopher Jones (vocals), Doug Ernest (drums) and Darren Mock (bass, No Loitering fanzine; replacing Dylan Roy).

Tobby Holzinger released the recordings of their show at the Oberhaus in Alzey (Germany; 89-10-28) for his Your Choice Live Series. Also the show in Zgorzelec (Poland, 89-10-14) was released on tape. Our mate René Harks did an Interview with ‘Verbal Assault’ in the Dutch fanzine Lucky 13 #1.

Review of the 12” EP On in Tilt! #5: >>In Metal Hammer (haha!) this was described as “more metal than ‘Fugazi’…”. I think these guys hear metal everywhere. But is does remind of ‘Fugazi’ in some places (because of the reggae-ish rhythm). For me it’s very powerful emo-core driven by an extremely great guitar-sound. Lyrics describe such simple and complex things as feelings and emotions. Live they kick ass and this slab is a reflection of this.<<



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