Season (Fra) demo (1996)



I believe Kathleen (and/or Gilles) of the band ‘Anomie’ introduced me to Sandro Cargnelli,  who gave/sent me this tape… He also did a little distro. ‘Season’ was a band from Caen (Normandy, France) with Alain Demaine (bass; in a later stage), Alexis Dectot (drums), Pierre Goubard (guitar; bass on the demo) & Sandro Cargnelli (vocals). Sandro & Alexis had been in ‘Cause & Effect‘, Pierre would later be in ‘Amanda Woodward’. In 1998 they recorded tracks for a self-titled 7″ on Christope Mora’s label Stonehenge recs. At one time there was also split-7″ planned with ‘Cobalt 62’ (on the French label Revolution) but as far as I know that didn’t work out…

The review in Tilt! #9 goes: >>”Another one of those French screaming emo-bands.” This sounds a lot more disrespectful than it’s intended; actually I like this a lot! Their shredding power-chords almost rip your soul apart. Their sound is rougher than that of ‘Anomie’ but therefore not less effective. If the vocals (full of angst and despair) leave you untouched you must be inhuman… Songs about how our society deals with love and sex. Very promising!<<


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