S.Y.C. (Bel) promo (1996)


Tracks: Fading / Down Inside / Nothing Remains / Lost / Struggle

This promo-tape contains live recordings of ‘S.Y.C.’s first performance in a new line-up. Originally the name was an acronym for “stupid yuppie culture” (the first band-name was ‘Pink Overdose’)… The band (from Ekeren, near Antwerp) consisted of Jeroen De Vriese (guitar; later ‘Bliksem’ & ‘Knalhart‘), Ive ‘Doom’ Pelser (bass), Joris ‘Pebbles’ Pauwels (drums), ‘P.C.’ Pieter Coolen (guitar; nowadays ‘Toxic Shock’), Stefan Faes (vocals) & Kris Delacourt (vocals; also ‘Stifled Cries’). Later on they did the Growing Distance 7” (Funtime recs ’98), a studio-demo entitled Nothing Remains ‎(self-released in ’99) with these tracks here and some extra; and a split-7” with ‘JR Ewing’ (Evaluating Pathetic Sacrifices; Funtime recs ’99).

Music-wise references to ‘Acme’ & ‘Rorschach’ were made. They dubbed it “screamy emo anger” (not sXe) with personal lyrics themselves…

Here’s the review I wrote for Tilt! #9: >>Another young band from the Antwerp area that plays mosh-metal-core. And, dammit, they do it well. Atmopsheric intros, excellent drumming that rolls against your chestlike a storm over a dike, thundering/thereatening guitar-riffs and 2 vocalists screaming desperately (pessimist personal lyrics). These here are live recordings so one has to turn the volume quite a bit up. I saw them play once and they sounded quite tight. No posers!<<

(old line-up; L => R: PC, Dela, JDV, Faes & Yves Peeters)

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