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Vortice Cremisi (Ita) demo (1995)


side 1: Break/ Hate Song / Garden Of True

side 2: Today / Redeemer / The Eye / Cherry Tree

‘Vortice Cremisi’ (“crimson vortex“) was (still is, but with a different line-up) a grungy (“stoner rock”) band from Ancona (on the Adriatic coast). ‘Max Vortex’ Massimo Di Prenda (drums), Paolo Panni (guitar), Silvia Landini (bass) & ‘Crimson John‘ Giovanni Cifaldi (vocals/guitar) from Ancona. This tape was recorded in May ’95. The tracks from this session were also used for their self-titled miniCD (released on Rudy Medea’s label Vacation House recs).

L => R: Massimo – Silvia – Paolo – Giovanni

My review in Tilt! #9: >>The biograpy says they’re “trying to experiment with sounds which follow the path of Kyuss and Soundgarden. What I hear is repetitive yet sometimes intrigueing guitar-riffs covering a sturdy beat. Dark, introspective feel. Nothing too exhilirating but not bad either. No lyrics.<<

Rudy (‘Indigesti’ singer), the marketeer that he is, wrote in an ad “Introspective feelings with powered expressions – really intense – totally black!!! – all English lyrics.”.

No I.D. (Hol) Schikking Of Zelfbeschikking; tape (1997)


Listen!: side A & side B

This was a benefit-tape for the Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij (Working Group Free Refugees) with studio & live recordings (Hoogeveen & Groningen, 1996).

No I.D.‘ was a band from Groningen (The Netherlands) with Eva ‘Cavia’ Oling (vocals; later in ‘Makiladoras’, drums for ‘Noodweer’, ‘Persona Non Data’). She was (still is) a bright/active woman that I met a few times when she was on tours (e.g. with ‘Sin Dios’) that she organised with her partner Michael Kopijn. The others were Pelle Anne-Jan Lodder (drums; also ‘P.C.P.’ and later in ‘Fleas & Lice’), Wienand (bass; replacing ‘Anti’), Rommert Pleysier (guitar; also ‘P.C.P., ‘Yphobia’) & Iris van Doormalen (vocals; replacing Janine of ‘Mushroom Attack’).

The band did a split-7″ with the French band ‘Aside’ (Pictures Of Pain / Ride Fast…Or Don’t!, 1998) and a second 7″ (entitled Preaching To The Converted; 1999). They also had a track on the compilation-tape Proud To Be Gay (released by Richard of Underground Punk Support, 2001).

Review from Tilt! #9: >>This relatively new band plays fast HC with fat riffs. The music reminds of mid-80s bands like ‘B.G.K.’ sometimes and Italian maestros such as ‘Indigesti’. The dual female vocals bring ‘Indirekt’ to my mind (but this rocks harder). Very energetic stuff. Some lyrics are in Dutch, others in English, and talk about the system that sends back refugees, leads to harddrug-addiction, restrains people in shitty jobs, etc. You also get a booklet with the words and info on the subject. Great band!<<

D.S.G. (Ger) Keibi On Teonanacatl; tape (1995)



(part 1) Spiritual Move / Live Is Life (‘Opus’ cover) / Try To Think / Trancepunk

(part 2) Wanderlied / Burglied / Small Town

‘D.S.G.’ was a hardcore band from south-east Bavaria (Germany). The guys in the band were ‘Lumpi’ Christian Beck & Florian ‘Flo’ Grimm (both vocals/guitar), Stefan Musch (drums) & Gregor Fabry (bass). After this demo they did a 7″ entitled Hallo Mr. Rothschild on the local label ABP (An’s Bein Pissen) recs.

If I’m not mistaken, the tape was sent to me by Franz Wiesenberg (ABP), the drummer of ‘Revenge’, for review. This is what I wrote in Tilt! #9: >>Fresh, snotty HC/’surf’ punk based on fuzzy guitars with references to ‘Adrenalin O.D.’ Sounds like they’re on speed (specially the singer). Interesting because of the variation (nice breaks – ska, singalong chorusses and full of energy and humour (ditto lyrics but not dumb). Makes me feel young again and go wild. “Quite good” would definitely be an understatement.<< In restrospect the music also reminds me of ‘Stupids’, ‘Stikky’ and some riffs of my own band ‘Repulsives’…


‘D.S.G.’ (short for a sentence in German with a naughty meaning…) was a band formed in the nineties. Inspired by Fat Wreck bands mainly ‘NoFX’, ‘Pennywise’ and ‘Ten Foot Pole’. The lyrics were of psychedelic nature and had quite interesting titles: T.V. Starts The End, for instance. In hindsight one could presume a little prophetic prediction of modern days. We did shows with ‘Propagandhi’, ‘I-Spy’, ‘Doctor Bison’ and ‘Revenge’. Dickie Hammond (‘Leatherface’; R.I.P.) used to compare us with ‘Toy Dolls’. Our drummmer Stefan played drums for ‘Leatherface’ at one time.

Stefan, Flo, ‘Lumpi’ and Gregor maybe would like to rejoin for one or two gigs in the near future.

Gregor Fabry

Armatrak (NZe) demo (1985)


side A: Born Against Christians / Till Death Do Us Part

side B: Corporation / Do Something

I got the ‘Armatrak’ tape from the band after I’d asked them for my international compilation-tapes [Smurfpunk tapes => Around The World In 90 Minutes] after I’d read a raving review of the demo in MRR..

Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski

“New Zealand’s first hardcore band influenced by American hardcore”; from Auckland: Trevor Donaldson (guitar), Geoff Chamberlain (drums), Stephen/Steve Moore (vocals/guitar) & Peter Petousis (bass). In the beginning apparently they had a saxophone-player and “Sounded like ‘Subhumans’.” though.

The band released this self-titled demo themselves in 1985. The same year they also did a 10″ entitled Thru My Eyes. This was followed by the split-7″ Together As One (with ‘Five Year Mission’ (Positive Youth Promotions, ’86), the Oh Bungo… 7″ (same label, same year) and the Inner Space 7″ (Gift of Life ,’87). They also appeared on various compilations (e.g. Life Is a Joke Vol. 2 compilation-LP, ’86 & the Tour De Farce #2 compilation-tape, ’87).

Stephen Moore did Anarchy, Outrage And Serious Intent fanzine, together with Simon Bendall (five issues from 1983 on). The band ran a label called Positive Youth Promotions, put on shows, contributed a lot to the NZ scene.