Armatrak (NZe) demo (1985)


side A: Born Against Christians / Till Death Do Us Part

side B: Corporation / Do Something

I got the ‘Armatrak’ tape from the band after I’d asked them for my international compilation-tapes [Smurfpunk tapes => Around The World In 90 Minutes] after I’d read a raving review of the demo in MRR..

Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski

“New Zealand’s first hardcore band influenced by American hardcore”; from Auckland: Trevor Donaldson (guitar), Geoff Chamberlain (drums), Stephen/Steve Moore (vocals/guitar) & Peter Petousis (bass). In the beginning apparently they had a saxophone-player and “Sounded like ‘Subhumans’.” though.

The band released this self-titled demo themselves in 1985. The same year they also did a 10″ entitled Thru My Eyes. This was followed by the split-7″ Together As One (with ‘Five Year Mission’ (Positive Youth Promotions, ’86), the Oh Bungo… 7″ (same label, same year) and the Inner Space 7″ (Gift of Life ,’87). They also appeared on various compilations (e.g. Life Is a Joke Vol. 2 compilation-LP, ’86 & the Tour De Farce #2 compilation-tape, ’87).

Stephen Moore did Anarchy, Outrage And Serious Intent fanzine, together with Simon Bendall (five issues from 1983 on). The band ran a label called Positive Youth Promotions, put on shows, contributed a lot to the NZ scene.



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