D.S.G. (Ger) Keibi On Teonanacatl; tape (1995)



(part 1) Spiritual Move / Live Is Life (‘Opus’ cover) / Try To Think / Trancepunk

(part 2) Wanderlied / Burglied / Small Town

‘D.S.G.’ was a hardcore band from south-east Bavaria (Germany). The guys in the band were ‘Lumpi’ Christian Beck & Florian ‘Flo’ Grimm (both vocals/guitar), Stefan Musch (drums) & Gregor Fabry (bass). After this demo they did a 7″ entitled Hallo Mr. Rothschild on the local label ABP (An’s Bein Pissen) recs.

If I’m not mistaken, the tape was sent to me by Franz Wiesenberg (ABP), the drummer of ‘Revenge’, for review. This is what I wrote in Tilt! #9: >>Fresh, snotty HC/’surf’ punk based on fuzzy guitars with references to ‘Adrenalin O.D.’ Sounds like they’re on speed (specially the singer). Interesting because of the variation (nice breaks – ska, singalong chorusses and full of energy and humour (ditto lyrics but not dumb). Makes me feel young again and go wild. “Quite good” would definitely be an understatement.<< In restrospect the music also reminds me of ‘Stupids’, ‘Stikky’ and some riffs of my own band ‘Repulsives’…


‘D.S.G.’ (short for a sentence in German with a naughty meaning…) was a band formed in the nineties. Inspired by Fat Wreck bands mainly ‘NoFX’, ‘Pennywise’ and ‘Ten Foot Pole’. The lyrics were of psychedelic nature and had quite interesting titles: T.V. Starts The End, for instance. In hindsight one could presume a little prophetic prediction of modern days. We did shows with ‘Propagandhi’, ‘I-Spy’, ‘Doctor Bison’ and ‘Revenge’. Dickie Hammond (‘Leatherface’; R.I.P.) used to compare us with ‘Toy Dolls’. Our drummmer Stefan played drums for ‘Leatherface’ at one time.

Stefan, Flo, ‘Lumpi’ and Gregor maybe would like to rejoin for one or two gigs in the near future.

Gregor Fabry

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