Vortice Cremisi (Ita) demo (1995)


side 1: Break/ Hate Song / Garden Of True

side 2: Today / Redeemer / The Eye / Cherry Tree

‘Vortice Cremisi’ (“crimson vortex“) was (still is, but with a different line-up) a grungy (“stoner rock”) band from Ancona (on the Adriatic coast). ‘Max Vortex’ Massimo Di Prenda (drums), Paolo Panni (guitar), Silvia Landini (bass) & ‘Crimson John‘ Giovanni Cifaldi (vocals/guitar) from Ancona. This tape was recorded in May ’95. The tracks from this session were also used for their self-titled miniCD (released on Rudy Medea’s label Vacation House recs).

L => R: Massimo – Silvia – Paolo – Giovanni

My review in Tilt! #9: >>The biograpy says they’re “trying to experiment with sounds which follow the path of Kyuss and Soundgarden. What I hear is repetitive yet sometimes intrigueing guitar-riffs covering a sturdy beat. Dark, introspective feel. Nothing too exhilirating but not bad either. No lyrics.<<

Rudy (‘Indigesti’ singer), the marketeer that he is, wrote in an ad “Introspective feelings with powered expressions – really intense – totally black!!! – all English lyrics.”.

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