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No Pigs (Hol) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-06)



0.00 Falling / 5.18 Desolation / 7.14 Reality / 10.40 Lust For Death / 13.30 Borderline / 15.55 Shoplifting / 18.15 Easy Street / 21.23 World Press / 25.11 Black Day  (cut) Burning / 32.55 Down / 36.45 (unknown) / 38.55 The Lion & The Dove

In 1984 ‘No Pigs’ (from Amsterdam) got their first (self-titled) 7″ out. The line-up on that one was Nils Koning (guitar), Ingrid Dodeman (drums; also ‘Nog Watt’), Guy ‘Pinhead’ Pinhas (bass) & ‘Smog’ Maarten Luijendijk (vocals). The tracks of this appeared also on a bootleg split-LP (with ‘Neuroot’ & ‘Stanx’) after the turn of the century. The 1st line-up also had 3 tracks on the Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing compilation-LP (’85). In 1986 my band ‘Repulsives’ played with them (86-04-26) when Robert van der Meyden had taken over the drum-kit. This second line-up apparently recorded a 7-song demo (which was never released), the song Down for the Emma compilation-LP and another demo of the songs Black Day and Desolation. A bit later (’87) their 12″ EP Black Day was released on the Berliner label Destiny recs (who also put out the LP In Her House, in 1988). Smurfpunx set up a couple of shows for them: 87-10-1188-10-23. The latter was with ‘Syd Migx’ (ex ‘C.C.M.’) singing and Steven Nieuwendijk (ex ‘Deadlock’/’Nitwitz’) hitting the drums. Their music was described as “awesome heavy crossover thrash”…

These recordings here (kindly donated by Kurt Christiaens) are from the day they played with ‘Raw Power’ & ‘Negazione’ in Scherpenheuvel (another fabulous show Werner Excelmans set up): 86-06-06

Major Crime League (Bel) demo (1995)



This was a band an old Smurfpunx buddy – Ludwig De Bock – sang for. He’s from Wetteren and played bass for ‘Statskirielja’ in the 80s. The others in this metalcore outfit were Nic Seghers (guitar; later Peter Van Hecke), Hans Vlaeminck (bass; later Bart De Keulenaere R.I.P.) & Geert Braeckman (drums). Besides the recordings of this demo, they released a mini-CD (Code Of Silence) themselves (1998). They also had 5 tracks on the New League Of Hardcore Vol 1 split-CD (with 3 other bands) on I Scream recs (the label of ‘Deviate’s drummer Laurens Kusters) in 1999 and a one on the compilation-CD that came with the French WIL fanzine.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Bold, macho-sounding metal-core that makes me think of a slower and more simple version of ‘Channel Zero’. The band is tight but the sound could be a bit more intense: I would’ve mixed the vocals more upfront and the guitars even a bit louder (and leave the soli out). Not bad but can be improved. No need to act as professionals guys, stay with your feet on the ground…<<

My Life/My Dreams (Cro) demo (1993)



Vedran Močibob from Pazin, Croatia probably sent me this tape when we corresponded or gave it when he visited our autonomous centre Vort’n Vis. Just like myself he did a zine & distro (Make A Change)… Besides Vedran (bass/vocals), there was Siniša Družeta (guitar/vocals) & Rajic/Ray (drums). Vedran & Siniša also did a zine entitled Make A Change…

My review in Tilt! #8: >>These guys are SxE but that doesn’t show in their music, which is – by times original – HCpunk and atypical  for ‘western’ SxE bands. Under their (material) circumstances these recordings still sound more than OK. Mostly ‘positive’ and some political lyrics.<<

Someone wrote on the www: >>My Life/My Dream were active in early 90s and they probably gave more interviews for zines than they played shows but at least they released this great demo-tape which was recorded in their rehearsal-room sometime in 1993. The band’s music and lyrics were havily influenced by the early 80s Washington DC hardcore scene, especially ‘Minor Threat’. […] Some of the ML/MD members also did a few zines in the 90s, also HC/punk shows, a radio-show and a distribution. […]<<


I would say this was indeed recorded some time in 1993. I think this is the only recording we did. We tried doing another one, some sort of ‘real’ studio-recording but it was a failure, due to technical problems (if I remember correctly)…

Siniša Družeta


Suicidal Tendencies (USA) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-06-07)



(0:40) Suicidal Maniac / (3:18) Subliminally / (6:22) The Prisoner / (9:50) Fascist Pig / (11:15) Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right / (14:12) I Saw Your Mommy / (18:53) War Inside My Head / (23:20) Possessed to Skate / (25:55) Suicidal Failure / (29:06) Join The Army / (32:53) Human Guinea Pig / (35:48) Looking In Your Eyes / (38:46) I Shot the Devil

[not recorded: I Feel Your Pain / I Want More / Institutionalized]

We were all wild about the band’s self-titled debut. My own band (‘Repulsives’) even covered some of their songs but by the time the LP Join The Army came out (recorded January that year) – on Caroline recs, a subsidiary of the major label Virgin/EMI – my enthousiasm had cooled down more than a bit. I questioned the band’s commercial attitude and went to the gig to do a critical interview with Muike Muir (published in Tilt! #3)

The concert was organised by Hageland Hardcore (Werner Excelmans and friends) in Scherpenheuvel. On the original flyer (87-07-06) ‘Upset Noise’ from Italy (who had a record out on Hageland recs) was announced together with ‘Unwanted’ Youth (Ger) & the local ‘Capital Scum’ (Bel). The Italians had to cancel because their guitarist Fausto Franza broke his pelvis and a leg in a motorcycle-crash a few days before, and were replaced by the Germans of ‘Leberwohlstand’.

The band here was: Mike Muir (vocals), Rocky George (guitar; replacing Grant Estes), Louiche Mayorga (bass) & Ralph (Raymond J.) Herrera (drums; replacing Amery Smith) – The line-up of Join The Army.

This was the band’s first European tour (June 26th – July 8th; 4 gigs in The Netherlands, 5 in Germany, 1 in Belgium and 2 in the U.K. ). The show was recorded by Kurt Christiaens. Thanks for sharing!