My Life/My Dreams (Cro) demo (1993)



Vedran Močibob from Pazin, Croatia probably sent me this tape when we corresponded or gave it when he visited our autonomous centre Vort’n Vis. Just like myself he did a zine & distro (Make A Change)… Besides Vedran (bass/vocals), there was Siniša Družeta (guitar/vocals) & Rajic/Ray (drums). Vedran & Siniša also did a zine entitled Make A Change…

My review in Tilt! #8: >>These guys are SxE but that doesn’t show in their music, which is – by times original – HCpunk and atypical  for ‘western’ SxE bands. Under their (material) circumstances these recordings still sound more than OK. Mostly ‘positive’ and some political lyrics.<<

Someone wrote on the www: >>My Life/My Dream were active in early 90s and they probably gave more interviews for zines than they played shows but at least they released this great demo-tape which was recorded in their rehearsal-room sometime in 1993. The band’s music and lyrics were havily influenced by the early 80s Washington DC hardcore scene, especially ‘Minor Threat’. […] Some of the ML/MD members also did a few zines in the 90s, also HC/punk shows, a radio-show and a distribution. […]<<


I would say this was indeed recorded some time in 1993. I think this is the only recording we did. We tried doing another one, some sort of ‘real’ studio-recording but it was a failure, due to technical problems (if I remember correctly)…

Siniša Družeta


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