Major Crime League (Bel) demo (1995)



This was a band an old Smurfpunx buddy – Ludwig De Bock – sang for. He’s from Wetteren and played bass for ‘Statskirielja’ in the 80s. The others in this metalcore outfit were Nic Seghers (guitar; later Peter Van Hecke), Hans Vlaeminck (bass; later Bart De Keulenaere R.I.P.) & Geert Braeckman (drums). Besides the recordings of this demo, they released a mini-CD (Code Of Silence) themselves (1998). They also had 5 tracks on the New League Of Hardcore Vol 1 split-CD (with 3 other bands) on I Scream recs (the label of ‘Deviate’s drummer Laurens Kusters) in 1999 and a one on the compilation-CD that came with the French WIL fanzine.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Bold, macho-sounding metal-core that makes me think of a slower and more simple version of ‘Channel Zero’. The band is tight but the sound could be a bit more intense: I would’ve mixed the vocals more upfront and the guitars even a bit louder (and leave the soli out). Not bad but can be improved. No need to act as professionals guys, stay with your feet on the ground…<<

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