No Pigs (Hol) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 86-06-06)



0.00 Falling / 5.18 Desolation / 7.14 Reality / 10.40 Lust For Death / 13.30 Borderline / 15.55 Shoplifting / 18.15 Easy Street / 21.23 World Press / 25.11 Black Day  (cut) Burning / 32.55 Down / 36.45 (unknown) / 38.55 The Lion & The Dove

In 1984 ‘No Pigs’ (from Amsterdam) got their first (self-titled) 7″ out. The line-up on that one was Nils Koning (guitar), Ingrid Dodeman (drums; also ‘Nog Watt’), Guy ‘Pinhead’ Pinhas (bass) & ‘Smog’ Maarten Luijendijk (vocals). The tracks of this appeared also on a bootleg split-LP (with ‘Neuroot’ & ‘Stanx’) after the turn of the century. The 1st line-up also had 3 tracks on the Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing compilation-LP (’85). In 1986 my band ‘Repulsives’ played with them (86-04-26) when Robert van der Meyden had taken over the drum-kit. This second line-up apparently recorded a 7-song demo (which was never released), the song Down for the Emma compilation-LP and another demo of the songs Black Day and Desolation. A bit later (’87) their 12″ EP Black Day was released on the Berliner label Destiny recs (who also put out the LP In Her House, in 1988). Smurfpunx set up a couple of shows for them: 87-10-1188-10-23. The latter was with ‘Syd Migx’ (ex ‘C.C.M.’) singing and Steven Nieuwendijk (ex ‘Deadlock’/’Nitwitz’) hitting the drums. Their music was described as “awesome heavy crossover thrash”…

These recordings here (kindly donated by Kurt Christiaens) are from the day they played with ‘Raw Power’ & ‘Negazione’ in Scherpenheuvel (another fabulous show Werner Excelmans set up): 86-06-06

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