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Dystopia (USA) promo (1994)


side Aside B

This tape is a compilation of tracks from the band’s the split-LP with ‘Embittered’ & split-EP with ‘Grief (both 1993), and the Human = Garbage LP (’94). The people on the recordings are: Matt ‘Mauz’ Parrillo (guitar/vocals; nowadays in ‘Kicker’), Todd Kiessling (bass), Dino Sommese (drums; later ‘Noothgrush’, etc.) & Dan Kaufman (who did vocals early on). ‘Dystopia’ (from Huntington Beach, California) ‘s music was termed ‘sludge’ (a mix of heavy metal and crust-punk – “doom-laden, metal-tinged, down-tuned punk”). Their sound embodied all of the horrors, pain, agony and desperation of modern day society; brutal, hateful and misanthropic – a “love earth – hate people” philosophy..

This tape was published by Artur Florian (Dwie Strony Medalu label, “two sides of the coin”) from Bielawa & distributed by Czarny Kot recs from Słupsk (Poland) for promotional purposes. ‘Mauz’ gave permission to re-publish it here. The band played at the Vort’n Vis (94-10-09) and did another European tour in 1997 (where I saw them doing a surprise show).

From my review (in Tilt #9): >>Their music is pretty innovative and combines the best of HC, experimental rock and metal. The riffs, drumming and arrangements (with weird effects) are very inventive. The growls and screams – done by the drummer and guitarist – add very well to the gloomy and threatening atmosphere. The sudden outbursts are (especially live) so extreme, that the adrenalin gives you a rush. Again, the right stuff to exorcise your anger and despair. Atypical for HC but fuckin’ brilliant!<<

L’Invention De Morel (Fra) demo (1996)


Tracks: Tangente [Tangent] / S’Approprier [Seize] / Je Deviendrai Souverain [I Will Become Sovereign] / L’Univers [The Universe] / Une Ligne [A Line]

This was the Parisian emo band my correspondent Olivier Lépine played bass in. The others were Alexis Desolneux (guitar/vocals), Thomas Guillanton (drums; ex ‘FingerPrint’, ‘Jasemine’, ‘Ananda’) & Virgile Vernier (vocals). Olivier ran a distro (Laissez-Nous Jouer) and (for a short while) the label La Libre Expression (together with ‘FingerPrint’s vocalist Nicolas Fisseau). The last 4 songs of this demo also appeared on their 7″ Les Jeunes Années (“the early years”), released on an American label.

Review in my zine Tilt! #9: >>Another pawn of the French emo-wave: the dragging guitars, the high-pitched, screaming vocals, the melancholic bass; it’s all there. Introspective, personal-political lyrics in French. If you liked ‘Anomie’, ‘Ananda’, etc., you’ll like this aswell. It’s certainly good but it lacks a bit of power, a bit of commitment (to me, or perhaps these recordings are just a bit flat).<<

Intervenzione (Por) promo (1996)



(advance tracks for 7″): Nós (União) [“us (unity)”] / Walls Of Shame / Acid Rain… (Dark Sky) / Fábulas De Encantar De João Sem Nome [a character in Portuguese tales; also appeared on also track on Christophe Stonehenge’s Idiomes compilation-CD]

(advance tracks for split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’): Political Child / Homeless…We’ll Take A Stand!

[studio-session from 1996; courtesy of Lena]

Intervenzione‘ was an anarcho HC/punk band from Aveiro with some people of ‘Inkisição‘: Helena Burbuleta singing, Rui Maia on drums and Miguel Angelo Marques Tavares doing bass (+ vocals). João Filipe Escudeiro & (later) Tiago joined in on guitar. They did a split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’ on a Finnish label (1998) and album (entitled Wall Of Shame) on the Portugese label (Rastilho recs) in 1999. Their song Words appeared on the Animal Liberation compilation-LP that Philippe ‘Boezie’ Buze (Awakening recs) released. After the band had quit there was the CD Last Screams with unreleased studio and live tracks.

I reviewed this as follow in Tilt! #9: >>This is the new band of Inkisiçao’s Helena & Rui. They’re hitting jackpot again: their enraged melodic HC/punk will without doubt thrill a lot of people. Musically they remind me a lot of ‘Subway Arts’. The dual vocals are also full of conviction. When the vinyl’s out, I’ll be able to tell you about the lyrics…<<


This was a time in my life that I felt a big joy, that I met wonderful people and had the opportunity to make a difference through music. I was a young girl full of ideals 😍 and I wanted to change the world. Somehow I still do…