L’Invention De Morel (Fra) demo (1996)


Tracks: Tangente [Tangent] / S’Approprier [Seize] / Je Deviendrai Souverain [I Will Become Sovereign] / L’Univers [The Universe] / Une Ligne [A Line]

This was the Parisian emo band my correspondent Olivier Lépine played bass in. The others were Alexis Desolneux (guitar/vocals), Thomas Guillanton (drums; ex ‘FingerPrint’, ‘Jasemine’, ‘Ananda’) & Virgile Vernier (vocals). Olivier ran a distro (Laissez-Nous Jouer) and (for a short while) the label La Libre Expression (together with ‘FingerPrint’s vocalist Nicolas Fisseau). The last 4 songs of this demo also appeared on their 7″ Les Jeunes Années (“the early years”), released on an American label.

Review in my zine Tilt! #9: >>Another pawn of the French emo-wave: the dragging guitars, the high-pitched, screaming vocals, the melancholic bass; it’s all there. Introspective, personal-political lyrics in French. If you liked ‘Anomie’, ‘Ananda’, etc., you’ll like this aswell. It’s certainly good but it lacks a bit of power, a bit of commitment (to me, or perhaps these recordings are just a bit flat).<<

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