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Infekcja (Pol) promo (1998)



Strzeż Się! (Beware!) / Apolityczność (Political Disengagement) / Wegetariański Świat (Vegetarian Life) / Macho

‘Infekcja’ is – the band still exists – an anarcho-crust band from Wrocław (Poland) playing passionate, angry, pissed-off scandi-punk. Members: ‘Biały’ (bass), ‘Słoma’ (guitar), ‘Biki’ (drums), ‘Mokry’ (vocals) & ‘Mosiek’ (guitar).

I believe this tape (which also contains tracks by ‘Enough‘) was a promo for their tour (organised by Filip Majchrzakowski of the label Trująca Fala). They ended up playing at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-19) and at the Franse Vaart squat in Ghent (98-04-20).

I also got to know more about them because of the split-tape with my mates of ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Fin). Check out their other releases on infekcja.bandcamp. And if you understand Polish, check infekcja.blogspot.

Disabuse (Hol) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-06-11)



(soundcheck) / Faces Of Death / Monkey Brain Eaters / Thirsty Beast / Mamory Brain / Fast But Not First / Eyes Of Hatred / Throw It Away / Shortsighted And Dumb / Where’s The Emergency Door? / Abused Animals / Cry Of The Child / Refused Sacrifice / Just For The Kick / In The Mirror

Disabuse‘ was a bunch of people from the scene around the Chi Chi Club in Winterswijk (The Netherlands). Since we were closely in touch with people doing shows and playing in bands over there (‘Winterswyx Chaos Front’, ‘Cry Of Terror’, …), we got to know them aswell. On 88-06-11 we invited them over to perform on a Smurfpunx gig. That was registered by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt. This show was before they recorded their 1st (self-released) 12″ (Sorrow And Perdition) – which was in February 1989. At the time the band consisted of ‘Arch(y)’ Arno Wamelink (vocals), Patrick van der Beek (bass), Jeroen Keetels (drums) and Edwin Woerdman & Brian Haverkamp (guitarists).

cover-drawing by Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer

The first official ‘Disabuse’ photo (@ Chi Chi Club): Patrick van der Beek, Edwin Woerdman, Brian Haverkamp, Jeroen Keetels, Arno Wamelink [courtesy of Patrick van der Beek]

F.P.B. (Cze) Live In Praha (1985)


side (A):

1. Vypadni Nebo Nehraju (Get Out or I Won’t Play), ‘Pere Ubu’/M.Wanek – originally Non Alignment Pact (1977) /// 2. Noha (A Leg), M.Wanek /// 3. Ať (Even If), M.Wanek /// 4. Návraty (Returns), M.Wanek/M.Wanek /// 5. Svatý Pes (Santa Dog), ‘The Residents’/M.Wanek – originally Santa Dog (1972) /// 6. Zatáhnout (Give A Pull), ‘Killing Joke’/M.Wanek – originally Wardance (1980) /// 7. Prodejný Park (The Harlot Park), ‘Project’/M.Wanek

side (B):

1. Navoněný (Perfumed), M.Wanek /// 2. Snad (Perhaps), M.Wanek /// 3. Pes (A Dog), M.Wanek/L. Ferlinghetti /// 4. V Kárném Táboře (In A Disciplinary Camp), Ebba Grön/M.Wanek – originally Tourist I Tillvaron (1981) /// 5. Vrána Na Prameni (Mr. Vrana Sitting On The Spring), M.Wanek /// 6. Kapesník V Kaluži (Handkerchief In A Puddle), M.Wanek /// 7. Noha (A Leg), M.Wanek /// 8. Slepci (Blindmen), M.Wanek/Jiří Wolker /// 9. Stab Your Back, ‘The Damned’ (1977) (sung in socalled “Svahili English”, a fake language that imitates English)

[tracks, translations & info by Miroslav Wanek]

Another tape from my mate Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection… It was released by the band in 1985 and in ’86 by the tape-label Ukrutnost tapes (precursor to Lük Haas’ Tian An Men 89 recs). Recordings are from 1984 in the Czech capital Prague.

Fourth Price Band‘ (ex ‘IV. Skupina’) was a punk band from Teplice (North Bohemia). The band-name refers to the official price-categories in restaurants/pubs in Czechoslovakia at the time: the ‘4th price category’ implied the lowest service-quality, comfort and beer-prices… They existed from 1980-87. Interesting thing one can read on the www: >>The members of local official rock-bands drafted a petition against them, demanding that this “anti-cultural act” be banned, and the authorities successfully prevented ‘F.P.B.’ from playing any gigs in that part of the country (so most of their gigs took place in Prague).<< The music was described as “tight anthemic punk rock”, with references to ‘The Damned’, ‘Devo’, ‘Killing Joke’, etc.

A review in MRR #43 reads: >>40 minutes of fast, energetic punk from this Czech band. Good production brings out the power of their 15 originals and 4 covers (‘The Damned’, ‘The Residents’, etc.). Neat.<<

Playing in the band at that time were: Miroslav Wanek (bass/vocals), Milan Nový (drums) and Jaromír ‘Romek’ Hanzlík (guitar; R.I.P.). There was an LP out (Kdo Z Koho, Ten Toho) in 1991. Later they formed ‘Už Jsme Doma’ (We’re Already Home), an experimental punk/prog band. Martin Valášek of Malarie recs released ‘F.P.B.’s discography, entitled Kniha Přání A Stížností (Book Of Wishes And Complaints), in 2008.


>>Prima Della Seconda Repubblica<< (Before the Second Republic) (Ita) compilation (1994)


side A:

‘High Circle’ – Aiuta La Tua Scena (Help Your Scene) / ‘Indigesti’ – Slide Behind Your Eyes / ‘Impact’ – Camici Bianchi (White Shirts) / ‘Contrazione’ – Sbarre (Prison-bars) / ‘Nabat’ – Fuck Religion / ‘Raw Power’ – Fabbrica (Factory) / ‘P.S.A.’ – Against The System / ‘Rivolta Dell’Odio’ – Oscurati (Obscure) / ‘Bedboys’ – Se Un Giorno Accadesse (Should It Ever Happen) / ‘Hope & Glory’ – Skinheads / ‘Sottocultura’ – Atta(c)k / ‘Peggio Punx’ – Non Siamo Come Voi (We’re Not Like You) / ‘Bloody Riot’ – Naja De Merda (Military Service Is Shit) / ‘Basta’ – Nessun Pudore (No Shame) / ‘Chain Reaction’ – Bloody Ways / ‘Declino’ – Diritto*Dovere (Right*Duty) / ‘Plastic Surgery’ – Siamo Noi! (We Are!) / ‘REIG’ – Violent Charge / ‘Wrong Boys’ – Rabbia Repressa (Pent-up Anger) / ‘Rough’ – Torino È La Mia Città (Turin Is My City) / ‘Crash Box’ – Io Sono La Vittima (I’m The Victim) / ‘I Refuse It’ – Chocu Umeret (?) / ‘Irah’ – Poseurs E Dintorni (Posers And Surroundings)

side B:

‘Negazione’ – Irrazionalità Sconnessa (Unreasonable Irrationality) / ‘Cani’ – I Tempi Sono Cambiati (The Times Have Changed) / ‘C.C.M.’ – (We’re) The Juvenile Delinquency / ‘Rappresaglia’ – Rappresaglia (Retaliation) / ‘Stinky Rats’ – Odio (Hate) / ‘Fallout’ – Sick City / ‘EU’s Arse’ – Fino A Quando? (Until?) / ‘Shockin’ TV’ – Spazi Di Potere (Power Spaces) / ‘Disper-azione’ – Solo Sangue (Only Blood) / ‘Nighters’ – Take A Look / ‘Auschlag’ – Grazie Patria (Thanks Homeland) / ‘Stigmathe’ – I Miei Occhi (My Eyes) / ‘Putrid Fever’ – Rats / ‘Warfare’ – Zombie Rock / ‘Stalag 17’ – Sono Un Uomo Non Un Soldato (I’m A Human Not A Soldier) / ‘Upset Noise’ – Mass Media / ‘5° Braccio’ – Mai Più Galere (No More Prisons) / ‘R.A.F. Punk’ – Viva La Resistenza (Hurray For Resistence) / ‘Shotgun Solution’ – Shotgun / ‘Wretched’ – La Logica Del Potere (The Logic Of Power), Schiavo Del Sistema (System Slave) & Se Ne Fregano (They Don’t Care) / ‘Underage’ – Underage / ‘Rip Off’ – Droga (Drugs) / ‘Tiratura Limitata’ – Distruggiamo Il Nucleare (Smash Nuclear Power)


46 Italian hardcore/punk-bands from the early 80s compiled on a tape by Roberto Lentino (Inverno, Pavia).

Spread and duplicate in the face of those assholes who speculate on ‘collecting’ punk.

This is the spirit of this tape: not forcing those interested in this particular period (82/85) to pay undue sums of money to get the vinyl, but stimulating the free distribution through trades or tapes like these.

The recordings reflect those of that period, in any case this is the best result that arose. Special aoplogies to ‘Bedboys’, ‘Crash Box’, ‘Irah’, ‘Shotgun Solution’ & ‘Tiratura Limitata’, for limiting their tracks in favour of other bands that otherwise would not have found a space.

[translation ‘Renza Solappa’]


High Circle (Roma): Massimiliano ‘Rotor’ Ruggeri (bass), Giuliano ‘Lo Scuro’ Calza (drums), Giampaolo ‘Biglia’ Billia (guitar), Bruno Consoli (vocals)

Indigesti (Vercelli): Rudy Medea (vocals), Enrico Giordano (guitar), Silvio Bernelli (bass), Massimo Corradino/Massimino Ferrusi (drums)

Impact (Ferrara): ‘Bistek’ Massimo Ragazzi (bass), Alberto ‘Gigo’ Gigante (drums), ‘Janz’ Stefano Ragazzi (guitar), Andrea ‘Infa’ (vocals)

Contrazione [Contraction] (Torino): ‘Giampi’ Gianpiero Capra (bass; also ‘Kina’), Massimo Pedullà (drums), Antonio De Rossi (guitar), Mara Caberlin (vocals), Sergio Tosato (vocals) [Stefano Giaccone (sax; in the studio)]

Nabat (Bologna): ‘Abbondante’ Davide Bernardi (bass), ‘Uiui’ Marco Barbieri (drums), ‘Steno’ Stefano Cimato (vocals; ex ‘R.A.F. Punk’), ‘Stiv’ Steve Roda (guitar; later ‘Skrewdriver’)

Raw Power (Poviglio): Maurizio Dodi (bass), Fabiano Bianco (drums), Mauro Codeluppi (vocals), Davide Devoti (guitar), Giuseppe Codeluppi (guitar)

P.S.A./Punk Sound Against (Sassari, Sardinia): Geppi Sanna (vocals), Danilo Sini (guitar), Gigetto Carta (bass), Luigi Palomba (drums)

Rivolta Dell’Odio [Revolt Of The Hatred] (Ancona): Marco ‘Oxx’ Ossidi (vocals), ‘Oskar’ Raimondo Barrile (guitar), Amedeo ‘Clark Kent’ Bruni (bass), Leo Felix (drums)

Bedboys (Torino): Massimino Ferrusi (drums; also ‘Stinky Rats’, ‘Indigesti’ & ‘Negazione’), ‘D.D. Lungo’ Fulvio Ichino (bass/vocals)

Hope And Glory (Treviso): Antonio ‘Toni’ Meneghetti (guitar), Giorgio Giraldin (vocals/guitar), Massimo Bellini (drums)

Sottocultura [Subculture] (Bologna): Maurizio ‘Ricio’ Fusano (guitar), ‘Grog’ (drums), Franz Dal Cerè (vocals), Monica (bass)

Peggio Punx (Alessandria): Paolo Chilin (bass), Federico Massarino (drums), Marco Laguzzi (guitar), Alberto Pisani (vocals)

Bloody Riot (Roma): Roberto Perciballi (vocals; R.I.P.), Lorenzo Canevacci (guitar), Alessandro ‘Alex’ Vargiu (bass/vocals), Cesare Di Porto/Fabiano ‘Master’ Bianco (drums)

Basta [Enough] (Firenze): Fabio (vocals), Massimo (guitar), Michele (bass), Nicola/Davide (drums)

Chain Reaction (Bari): Nicola Mariani (vocals), Edi Leo/Nicola De Marinis (guitar), Nicola Signorile (bass), Giancarlo Verdoscia/Guido De Stisi (drums)

Declino (Torino): ‘Mungo’ Marzio Bertotti/Max Occhiena (guitar), Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano (guitarist of ‘Negazione’)/Orlando Furioso (drums), Sandro ‘Sandr’opp’ Bramardi (vocals), Silvio ‘Tato’ Bernelli (bass; also ‘Indigesti’)

Plastic Surgery (Verona): Franco Marchioretti (drums), Gianni Traini (bass), ‘Max’ Massimo Menegatti (vocals), Mauro Menegatti (guitar)

REIG (Rivendicatori Esili Industrie Giovanili) [Juvenile Industrial Exile Claimants] (Macerata): Luca (drums), Massimo (bass), Patrizio (vocals/guitar), Tony Cipoletti (guitar/vocals)

Wrong Boys (Broni, Pavia): Carlo Castagna (drums), Fabio Setti (vocals), Manuel (bass), Nicola (guitar)

Rough (Torino): Tony (bass), Franco (guitar), Nico(la) Paparella (drums), Piero Maccarino (vocals; R.I.P.)

Crash Box (Milano): Fabrizio Trigari (guitar), ‘Maniglia’ Marco Medici (vocals), Marcello (bass; also ‘Rappresaglia’), ‘Moxxx’ Massimiliano Cristadoro (drums)

I Refuse It! (Firenze): Sandro Favilli (bass; later ‘C.C.M.’), ‘Boz Lapinski’ Lapo Lombardi (keyboards/noises), ‘Pino’ J. Zarkosic (guitar), ‘Walter’ a.k.a. Wally Dread (drums), ‘Il Generale’ Stefano Bettini (vocals; Nuove Dal Fronte zine & Belfagor recs)

Irah (Bologna): Massimiliano Milzani/Giovanni Vinci (guitar), Verter Tartari (guitar), Alessandro Forti/Paolo ‘Paolino’ Terzi (vocals), Claudio Betti/Daniele Finelli (bass), ‘Pecos’ Gianluca Grazioli (drums) * Massimiliano Milzani, Verter Tartari, Alessandro Forti & Claudio Betti where in the original band (‘Substate’); Daniele Finelli was the bassist of ‘Anna Falk SS’

Negazione [Denial] (Torino): Marco Mathieu (bass), Michele D’Alessio (drums), Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano (guitar), ‘Zazzo’ Guido Sassola (vocals)

Cani [Dogs] (Pesaro): Adamo Sanchini (bass), Mirco Uguccioni (drums), Roberto Russo (guitar), ‘Mughi’ Mauro Copes (vocals)

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers [C.C.M.] (Pisa): ‘Syd Migx’ Piercecchi (vocals), Antonio Cecchi (bass), Alessandro Fantinato (drums), ‘Dome La Muerte’ Domenico Petrosino (guitar)

Rappresaglia [Retaliation] (Milano): Marcello (bass), Sergio (drums), Maurizio ‘Ricio’ Fusano (guitar/vocals; also ‘Sottocultura’), Franz Dal Cerè (bass/vocals; also ‘Sottocultura’)

Stinky Rats (Torino): Andrea (bass), Massimino Ferrusi (drums; also ‘Bedboys’, ‘Indigesti’), Spartaco Sarno (guitar), Giampiero Copparoni/Ivo Villa (vocals)

Fallout (La Spezia): Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ De Ruggiero (bass), Giampaolo Vigna (drums), Marco Rinaldi (guitar), ‘Benzo’ Renzo Daveti (guitar)

EU’s Arse (Udine): Gianluca ‘Killy’ (bass), ‘Stinky’ Luca (drums), Anteo Maximiliano (guitar), Stefano Chiarandini (vocals)

Shockin’ TV (Milano): Alberto/Alfonso ‘PaccoMan’ (guitar), Mao/Stingo (vocals), Marco Rotondo (bass), Ferdi(nando) Masi (drums)

Disper-Azione [Despair] (Como): Gian Luca Camnasio (bass; also ‘Wretched’), Ambrogio (drums), Attila (guitar), Marino (vocals)

Nighters (Roma): Massimo (guitar), Robertino (bass/vocals), Marco (guitar), Carlo Riccioli (drums)

Auschlag (Viareggio, Lucca): Marco (vocals), Giacomo (bass), Massimo (guitar), Gabriele (drums)

Stigmathe (Modena): Fabri(zio) Bucciarelli (vocals), Enrico Sirotti (drums), Luca Neri (bass), Gianluca Artioli (guitar)

Putrid Fever (Firenze): Andrea ‘Vipera’ Salani (drums; also ‘I Refuse It’), Daniela Petrova (bass), Federico ‘Fefo’ Forconi (guitar/vocals; later ‘Toxic Reasons’) & Marco Cellini (vocals)

Warfare (Gorizia): Maximo (bass), P. Paolo (drums), Paolo (guitar), Richard Russian (vocals)

Stalag 17 (Bologna): Mauro Rinaldi (guitar), Sofocle Rossi (bass), ‘Crema’ (drums; also ‘Wretched’), Fabrizio (vocals)

Upset Noise (Trieste): Giorgio Macoratti/’Boffo’ Paolo Cattaruzza (bass), Fabrizio Fiegl (drums; also ‘Negazione’, R.I.P.), Fausto Franza (guitar), Sandro Zarotti/Edi Roncelli (vocals)

5° Braccio [5th Arm] (Torino): Roberto ‘Tax’ Farano (guitar; later ‘Negazione’), Paola/Orlando Furioso (drums), Orlando/Filippo (bass), Sergio Tosato (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’), Mara Caberlin (vocals; also ‘Contrazione’)

R.A.F. Punk (Bologna): ‘Jumpy’ Gianpaolo Giorgetti (vocals), ‘Whyyot’ Barbara Lolli (bass), ‘Mala Testa’ (drums), ‘Bounty Scarponacci’ Carlo Chiapparini (guitar)

Shotgun Solution (Roma): Alberto Mecarolo (drums), Stefano Corsi (guitar), Valter Veltre (vocals), Pierpaolo (bass)

Wretched (Milano): Fabi(ett)o Mussi (bass), Giancarlo (drums; later ‘Crema’ – also ‘Stalag 17′ & Ripp Off’), Gigi (guitar; later Daniele De Sanctis – ex ‘Indigesti’), Gianmario Mussi (vocals)

Underage (Napoli): Davide Morgera (drums), Maurizio Gargiulo (bass), Giuseppe ‘Pippo’ Maiello (vocals), Raffaele ‘Stelvio’ (guitar)

Rip Off (Bologna): ‘Pugnaro’ Stefano Cervellati (bass), ‘Crema’/Fabio Pantera (drums), Hank Voltolina (guitar), ‘Sceriffo’/’Rozzi’ (vocals)

Tiratura Limitata [Limited Edition] (Milano): Enzo Mosca (vocals), Gino De Angelis (bass), Domenico ‘Nique’ De Angelis (guitar), ‘Roby’ (drums)