F.P.B. (Cze) Live In Praha (1985)


side (A):

1. Vypadni Nebo Nehraju (Get Out or I Won’t Play), ‘Pere Ubu’/M.Wanek – originally Non Alignment Pact (1977) /// 2. Noha (A Leg), M.Wanek /// 3. Ať (Even If), M.Wanek /// 4. Návraty (Returns), M.Wanek/M.Wanek /// 5. Svatý Pes (Santa Dog), ‘The Residents’/M.Wanek – originally Santa Dog (1972) /// 6. Zatáhnout (Give A Pull), ‘Killing Joke’/M.Wanek – originally Wardance (1980) /// 7. Prodejný Park (The Harlot Park), ‘Project’/M.Wanek

side (B):

1. Navoněný (Perfumed), M.Wanek /// 2. Snad (Perhaps), M.Wanek /// 3. Pes (A Dog), M.Wanek/L. Ferlinghetti /// 4. V Kárném Táboře (In A Disciplinary Camp), Ebba Grön/M.Wanek – originally Tourist I Tillvaron (1981) /// 5. Vrána Na Prameni (Mr. Vrana Sitting On The Spring), M.Wanek /// 6. Kapesník V Kaluži (Handkerchief In A Puddle), M.Wanek /// 7. Noha (A Leg), M.Wanek /// 8. Slepci (Blindmen), M.Wanek/Jiří Wolker /// 9. Stab Your Back, ‘The Damned’ (1977) (sung in socalled “Svahili English”, a fake language that imitates English)

[tracks, translations & info by Miroslav Wanek]

Another tape from my mate Geert ‘Mokka’ Mokwinski’s collection… It was released by the band in 1985 and in ’86 by the tape-label Ukrutnost tapes (precursor to Lük Haas’ Tian An Men 89 recs). Recordings are from 1984 in the Czech capital Prague.

Fourth Price Band‘ (ex ‘IV. Skupina’) was a punk band from Teplice (North Bohemia). The band-name refers to the official price-categories in restaurants/pubs in Czechoslovakia at the time: the ‘4th price category’ implied the lowest service-quality, comfort and beer-prices… They existed from 1980-87. Interesting thing one can read on the www: >>The members of local official rock-bands drafted a petition against them, demanding that this “anti-cultural act” be banned, and the authorities successfully prevented ‘F.P.B.’ from playing any gigs in that part of the country (so most of their gigs took place in Prague).<< The music was described as “tight anthemic punk rock”, with references to ‘The Damned’, ‘Devo’, ‘Killing Joke’, etc.

A review in MRR #43 reads: >>40 minutes of fast, energetic punk from this Czech band. Good production brings out the power of their 15 originals and 4 covers (‘The Damned’, ‘The Residents’, etc.). Neat.<<

Playing in the band at that time were: Miroslav Wanek (bass/vocals), Milan Nový (drums) and Jaromír ‘Romek’ Hanzlík (guitar; R.I.P.). There was an LP out (Kdo Z Koho, Ten Toho) in 1991. Later they formed ‘Už Jsme Doma’ (We’re Already Home), an experimental punk/prog band. Martin Valášek of Malarie recs released ‘F.P.B.’s discography, entitled Kniha Přání A Stížností (Book Of Wishes And Complaints), in 2008.


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