Infekcja (Pol) promo (1998)



Strzeż Się! (Beware!) / Apolityczność (Political Disengagement) / Wegetariański Świat (Vegetarian Life) / Macho

‘Infekcja’ is – the band still exists – an anarcho-crust band from Wrocław (Poland) playing passionate, angry, pissed-off scandi-punk. Members: ‘Biały’ (bass), ‘Słoma’ (guitar), ‘Biki’ (drums), ‘Mokry’ (vocals) & ‘Mosiek’ (guitar).

I believe this tape (which also contains tracks by ‘Enough‘) was a promo for their tour (organised by Filip Majchrzakowski of the label Trująca Fala). They ended up playing at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-19) and at the Franse Vaart squat in Ghent (98-04-20).

I also got to know more about them because of the split-tape with my mates of ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Fin). Check out their other releases on infekcja.bandcamp. And if you understand Polish, check infekcja.blogspot.

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