Ivich (Fra) Champs Violents & Sculpteur De Cris; tapes (1992)


Champs Violents (Violent Fields): Révolté (Insurgent) / Engrenage (Gears) / Frappe (Hit) / Poussière (Dust) / Les Mains Sales (Dirty Hands) / La Nausée (Nausea) / Loin Au Ciel (Far To Heaven) / Massacre

Sculpteur De Cris (Sculptor Of Cries): [side A] Lumière (Light) / Marie Et Moi (Mary And Me) / Solitude / Sales Pensées (Dirty Thoughts) / Masque (Mask) / Les Oeillets (The Eyelets) / J’Veux Pas (I Don’t Wanna) / Dégoulinade (Dripping) – [side B] Danse Macabre (Dance Of Death) / Volcan (Volcano) / Revolver / J’Aurais Tant Aimé (I Would’ve Loved So Much) / A Quoi Bon! (What’s The Point)

‘Ivich’ (from the Paris suburbs) was the band of a correspondent of mine – Eric Mirguet, a very kind and intelligent chap. They started out as a 3-piece – Eric (vocals), Yann Maisonneuve (guitar) & Yves Maisonneuve (drums) – in January 1991. Cédric became their bassist in May ’91. Even though trumpetist Thierry joined in May ’92, he’s not on the recordings for this tape (which were in July ’92). Their tape Champs Violents was also from 1992, I believe. At that time (92-07-25) they played the Vort’n Vis for the first time. The second time (93-05-01) was a few months after the recording of their 7″ Chacun Sa Vérité (recorded in a Belgian studio; out on Pikaϊa): “fast and fiery emotional HC, chunky mosh-metal and odd, free-form undistorted pauses”. The last time (94-09-18) was in the year my mates Olivier Lépine and Nicolas Fisseau released the band’s album La Mort Heureuse on their label La Libre Expression; “noisy, messy and unpredictable, but equally riveting, passionate and sincere” music.

Besides the above mentioned releases they were featured on a whole bunch of compilations. I described their music as self-willed emocore (some would say ‘screamo’), quite innovative and sometimes interspersed with nervous trumpet outbursts. The band themselves referred to a mix of ‘Born Against’ & ‘Nation Of Ulysses’, “aggressive but also bucolic” or “a bit of poetry in a world of brutes”.

Review of both tapes in Tilt! #7: >>Wild and energetic, varied HC. Layers of playful guitars over a cunning bass in different tempi. Over-the-top intemperate vocals. Poetical lyrics with a ‘mal-du-siècle’ feel to it. Reminds me of romantic French poets such as Rimbaud, Baudelaire,… Great live band!<<

The brothers Yann & Yves would later turn up in ‘Vanilla’. Eric Mirguet became a lawyer (human rights).

‘Ivich’ interview in Persons Unknown #1

‘Ivich’ compilation of photos in Ludovic Haché’s zine Ras l’Bol #1

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