Spithead (UK) Swag; tape (1996)


side Aside B

No this is nót the Belgian death-metal band but the anarcho ska-punk band from Birmingham with John M. (guitar/vocals/sax), Paul H. (bass/vocals) & Scott D. (drums; ex ‘Anorexia’). On this tape Rob ‘Overdrive’ (a.k.a. Rob ‘Tarana’) played drums, Tony Baloney organ & Charlotte B. sang. It was released (CD) on Kollusion recs. Charlotte & John are living in Australia nowadays and said it’s OK to re-publish the tape here. They‘re all happy for the music to be shared. At the time they also had had their own little label Bob The Dog recs.

In an interview, John mentioned ‘Dr Feelgood’s guitarist Wilco Johnson’s other R’n’B/reggae band as his main influence, besides the West-Indian music that is abundant in ‘Brum’. Yeah, it’s danceable stuff!

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Ska has never been away really but a band like this makes it more apparent. ‘The Specials’, ‘Madness’, etc. played cool music but were a business. This lot brings (and hopefully keeps) the punk into ska. Dance but keep aware of the dangers ahead (like the New Economic Order, religion, Big Brother, etc.). Lyrics full of wit about serious matter.<<

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