Snifter (Swe) promo (1996)



The Lie / You Take Part In Creating This System (‘Discharge’ cover) / Din Högsta Önskan (Your Supreme Evil) / Livslust (Joie De Vivre) / F.O.S. / (s)Hell On Earth / No Means No / Meaningless? / Can’t See The Justice / (s)Hell On Earth / Dom Ljuger (Igen) (They Lie Again; ‘Mob 47’ cover)

Probably got this from ‘Yuppiecrusher’s Joakim Bergman…

‘Snifter’ (from Staffanstorp, Lund/Malmö area, Sweden) played D-beat/crust hardcore-punk. Members were bassist Mattias, first drummer Karl-Anders was replaced by Stefan Larsson (also in ‘Anoretix’?) in ’95, David played guitar until ’95, then Jonas Nilsson (also in ‘Integrity’; later in ‘Tolshock‘) & vocalist Johan Svensson. ‘Pavan’ (also in ‘Rakitis’) – Mathias Blixtberg (‘Integrity’/’Satanic Surfers’; nowadays in ‘Revenge’) joined on second guitar in ’97.

The band recorded a first demo in 1994. Later there was a split-7″ with the Japanese ‘Battle Of Disarm’ (96), their Action… …Reaction! 7″ (97) & a split-7″ with ‘Yuppiecrusher’ (98). In between they appeared on a few compilations (Distortion To Hell Again!! Vol. 2, Really Fast Vol. 10 & Swedish HC Compilation on the Japanese label HG Fact).

Check ‘Snifter’ out live on video @ Hemgården, Lund 1994 & 1996


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